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KIKO has cosmetics for every step of your make-up routine, from primers to concealers, foundations, powders, blushers and highlighters.

114 Results



To contour or not to contour? That is the question! Learn to enhance your face, no matter the shape, thanks to our makeup tips!

Special Offer  

radiant boost face base

116 reviews

skin tone face base

116 reviews

matte face base

223 reviews

smart concealer palette

37 reviews
Special Offer  

smart essential face palette

95 reviews

smart hydrating foundation

363 reviews
Special Offer  

full coverage 2-in-1 foundation & concealer

406 reviews

green me bb cream

55 reviews
Special Offer  
Sicilian Notes Special Offer  

instamoisture foundation

123 reviews

new universal stick concealer

35 reviews
Best Seller
Tuscan Sunshine Special Offer  
Konscious Special Offer  

nothing matte-r mattifying loose powder foundation

5 reviews
Special Offer  

nothing matte-r mattifying foundation

10 reviews

lost in amalfi core stylo concealer

5 reviews
Special Offer  

lost in amalfi lightweight velvet foundation

11 reviews
Special Offer  

active foundation

6 reviews

Let your face take centre stage and enhance your complexion with KIKO MILANO makeup: primer, foundation and BB cream, concealers, blush and highlighters for a look that’s always flawless.