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Strengthen your eyelashes and create a striking look with a KIKO volumising, lengthening or curling mascara. Check out our range of waterproof and fibre mascaras.

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Becoming a star in the blink of an eye is possible if you learn how to apply mascara like a true make-up ninja!

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volume & definition top coat mascara

153 reviews

30 days extension - night treatment booster

303 reviews

false lashes concentrate

89 reviews
Special Offer  

lengthening top coat mascara

105 reviews

curling top coat mascara

102 reviews

extra sculpt volume mascara

409 reviews

30 days extension - daily treatment mascara

194 reviews
Best Seller

longeyes plus active mascara

141 reviews

volume attraction mascara

126 reviews
Special Offer  

glitter top coat mascara

30 reviews
Special Offer  

Full and accentuated lashes, eyelids adorned with light, glitter, cream and powder eyeshadows, eyeliner for a defined or retro makeup look and iconic eyebrows: make your eyes shine with KIKO MILANO eye makeup.