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Panoramic volume-effect coloured mascara

smart colour mascara

Panoramic volume-effect coloured mascara

smart colour mascara


Panoramic volume-effect coloured mascara.

Thanks to its creamy yet light texture, it is easy to apply to even the shortest lashes and releases an intense, highly-pigmented colour.

It can be used on its own or as a top coat over black mascara, to give the eyes a touch of colour.

Triangular-shape fibre brush. The great performance of this brush in terms of volume, length and definition is guaranteed by the perfect combination of the thickness, density and length of the bristles.

The inner parts of the brush, where the bristles are shorter, hold the product and guarantee an immediate release, whereas the longer bristles comb through the lashes, ensuring a high-definition effect.

Super-comfortable application. Coats even the shortest lashes. 

Available in different shades and finishes (full shade, metal or pearly) for a flawless but fun look.

Intense colour, volumised multiplied lashes. Panoramic volume effect.

The coloured mascara can be applied with 3 different effects:

1. Pop Up Lashes:

Apply the mascara to the full length of the upper and lower lashes.

2. Colour Up Effect:

Apply the mascara solely to the tips of the lashes.

3. Top Coat Effect:

After applying black mascara to the full length of the lashes, add a coat of your chosen coloured mascara. 

Rotate the brush 90° during application of the mascara for a perfect and amazing result.

The modern, simple packaging has a square shape with soft lines. The different textures – glossy on the tube and matte on the cap – make for a pleasant tactile and visual experience, made even more captivating by the colour that matches the mascara. The KK logo is stamped on the cap.


Love it

A hard to find color goes on nicely and stays on. No clumps.


Love it

A hard to find color goes on nicely and stays on. No clumps.


Long Wearing, great definition!

I got three colors: 04 brown, 05 burgundy, and 06 steel grey. They wear really well and to don't flake or transfer. However them seem to be a bit tough to fully remove at the end of the day. To get every last bit off, it takes some extra effort. Though still no where near the trouble you get trying to remove a waterproof formula. I don't particularly like the brush, but I have a supply of the disposable tester wands which I use instead. The burgundy color really brings out the green in my eyes. These are great colors for when you don't want the strong look of traditional black mascara. I do have to mention it seems the burgundy one was a bit dry? And it was harder to apply. I had no trouble with the brown or grey. The formula work well to both thicken and lengthen lashes. I hope they never stop making it!


blu elettrico

ho acquistato questo mascara e mi ritengo molto soddisfatta, in quanto non incolla le ciglia perciò non si ha quell'antiestetico effetto ciglia a ciuffetti. Inoltre, non le indebolisce e non mi cadono quando mi strucco. Colore brillante



Semplicemente perfetto , lo adoro! Ormai è un must, non riesco a stare senza



Ho comprato questo mascara diverse volte, sia per il prezzo low che per il colore visto che di giorno lontpeferisco grigio o marrone. Sì stende bene, non appesantisce le ciglia e soprattutto nn mi dà fastidio come li accade spesso con mascara pagati molto di più.



Couleur au top ... pas de paquets !!


Buon mascara

Buon mascara, lo scovolino mi piace molto e la colorazione 04 è perfetta per chi come me è molto chiaro e desidera un male up acqua e sapone !





Enfin des cils sans paquets

Très bon mascara, plus de paquets, la brosse est parfaite



Mascara dal colore intenso e dalla consistenza leggera, rende le ciglia morbide e allungate.

Smart Colour Mascara