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What is face primer and what does it do?

Once you start using a primer, there’s no going back! You've probably heard this before, but face primers are undoubtedly the best beauty ally for achieving an impeccable make-up base and flaunting wonderfully radiant skin. 
While being a relatively recent addition to beauty bags, they've now become a must-have make-up essential capable of solving any problem!
Does your lipstick settle into the creases around your lips? With a specific primer this will no longer happen. In need of a make-up look that will stay put all day long? Whether with eyeshadows, foundations or blushes, the solution is always the same: use a primer beforehand! 

What exactly is face primer? 

A face primer is a transparent base you apply to the face before applying make-up, in order to even out the complexion. It’s not a concealer, it’s just a simple and light product that creates the perfect canvas for your make-up. 
If you're looking for a practical product to take with you on your trips, check out our perfecting face base in mini-stick format: it camouflages skin imperfections and preps your skin with a flawless make-up base in just one step!
There are various types of primers, they can vary in terms of their format, texture and shade. Although primers are usually practically invisible once applied, there are some that are slightly tinted – green, pink or orange, for example – which are perfect for camouflaging and colour-correcting.

When should I apply a face primer?

Before or after moisturising? You should apply the primer immediately after the moisturiser (whether gel or cream) and/or the serum you usually use. 
After applying the primer, wait a few minutes for the skin to absorb the product, and then you can move onto foundation and other make-up products.

What are face primers used for?

Originally created to prep the skin before applying make-up, they have now become a must-have for achieving beautifully radiant skin using just one product. 
A primer evens out the skin and neutralises any discolouration, it also:
•    minimises the appearance of pores, 
•    keeps shine under control,
•    brightens up a dull complexion.

There are, of course, different types of textures, depending on the type of skin. 
There are also primers for specific areas of the face such as eye primers or lip primers

How to apply a face primer

Just like a moisturiser or foundation, face primers are applied to the main areas of the face, particularly on the chin, nose, forehead and cheekbones. 

You can use:
•    A flat brush
•    A simple sponge
•    Or alternatively, your fingertips 

Face primer for oily skin
Those who tend to have oily skin have excess sebum and enlarged pores on the surface of their skin. 
The right primer in this case is one that mattifies the skin, makes imperfections less visible and evens out the complexion. The result is soft, smooth-looking skin.
Shiny T-zone? Try using the Prime & Fix Refreshing Mist or the Sebo Balance matte-finish wipes for flawless-looking skin in a flash!

Face primer for combination skin
Combination skin usually has a shiny T-zone (the forehead, nose and chin) and can sometimes look oily. Using a mattifying primer could be the right solution. The skin will appear less shiny and the face will look flawless.
An ideal product for this type of skin is the mattifying and perfecting face primer, which, thanks to its light water-based texture, will immediately give your face freshness and a pleasant sensation of hydration without weighing it down. 

Face primer for dry skin
What primer should I use if I have skin that tends to be dry? You need a product that’s able to moisturise your skin. Try using the Smart Radiance Cream: a moisturiser, primer and highlighter. It’s 3 products in 1
This product is suitable for every skin tone and it’s ideal to perfectly prep your skin for make-up. Moreover, thanks to the hyaluronic acid, your skin will have immediate and long-lasting hydration. 
You can choose the shade that’s best suited to your complexion from among a wide selection, and it is easily applied thanks to the practical brush that comes with it.

Face primer for mature skin
For mature skin, we recommend a primer that is also moisturising, perhaps with a water-based texture such as the Smoothing and perfecting face primer, with a light and refreshing texture to brighten up your complexion. This will give your skin radiance and a beautiful natural finish, while improving the performance of your make-up.

All you have to do is find your favourite product and start using it right away for beautiful, flawless skin. We hope our tips were as helpful as your next primer!