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Powder vs liquid foundation: which one suits you better?

When shopping for makeup products and styles, you may be surprised to discover how many options there are. 
Foundations come in different shades, different finishes and different formulas, and it is important to choose the best fit for your skin.

Powder or liquid foundation? How to choose


With foundations there are a few things to consider before testing the various shades:
●    Skin type
●    Finish
●    Level of coverage

Knowing which kind of skin type you have is important when shopping for foundations.

If you have oily skin, choose a foundation that can absorb the natural oil our skin produces without leaving a shiny finish. 

A mattifying powder foundation is a good option for oily skin, because not only does it absorb oil and give you a matte finish, but it is also buildable, which means you can either apply it once if you want a light or medium coverage or reapply the product if you want to have full coverage.  If you want to achieve the same result by using a liquid product, KIKO MILANO introduced a long-lasting mattifying liquid foundation with the same benefits and finish as powder.

For combination skin, you will want to choose a foundation that can absorb oil produced in the T area (forehead, nose, and chin) but that can also nourish your skin with oils. 

To achieve a matte but smooth finish, you may want to try a compact mineral powder foundation; the creamy texture of the powder helps you build the coverage that you desire. If you aim for light-medium coverage you can use a brush, if you prefer more coverage, you can use a sponge.

If you want a natural look but matte finish and you would like to use a liquid foundation, you may want to try a liquid formula, with a soft and velvety texture, like our unlimited foundation. Start with a small amount of product for light coverage and add more for higher coverage.

Liquid foundations, given their texture, are suitable for those with dry skin because they slide pleasantly on the face, creating a perfect base. Our hydrating foundation will give you a flawless complexion and a dewy finish.

How to apply liquid foundation

Before applying foundation, it is important to do your skin routine so you not only nourish your skin but also provide a smooth base for your makeup. 
Start with a facial cleanser and follow with your serums and day cream. You can also apply a primer

Remember to pull your hair back so you can reach every part of your face.

Applying foundation with a beauty sponge will allow you to even out the product for a perfect and smooth look. 

1.    Use your fingertips to apply a fair amount of foundation on your skin in the form of dots
2.    Lightly wet your beauty sponge with water so you can minimize the absorption of the product
3.    Gently tap the beauty sponge starting from the center of your cheeks and blend well all the dots across your face
4.    If there is any remaining product on the sponge you can use it on your neck 

Following these tips will help you achieve a natural finish and light/medium coverage.
Depending on the size and number of dots you apply, you can also achieve higher coverage.

If you prefer not to use a beauty sponge, you can apply foundation with a brush.
For higher coverage, try using a round flat foundation brush and just tap the product on your skin to minimize the appearance of pores.

For medium coverage, you can use the same round brush, but instead of tapping the product on your skin, use circular motions to blend the foundation. 

How to apply powder foundation

Powder foundations can be pressed or loose

Pressed powder foundations usually come with a specific sponge that you can tap on the product and ease the application on your skin. Apply it more than once if you want higher coverage. These types of products are great when you travel since they don’t take much room.

Loose foundation can also be applied with a beauty sponge, and since more product will lay on the sponge, you will reach full coverage fast.

If you want to apply powder foundations using brushes, choose a bigger powder brush, like a kabuki brush so you can cover more area. 
1.    Dab the brush on the product; in case of loose powder, pour some on the inside of the lid
2.    Lightly tap the brush to remove any excess
3.    Apply the product by gently tapping on your skin to achieve higher coverage. If you want light coverage gently sweep the product on your skin
4.    Around your eyes use a smaller brush, like a concealer brush

How to choose a foundation that matches your skin tone


To achieve a flawless look, it is important to choose the correct shade of foundation. 
You will need to choose a foundation that matches your skin tone, so the first step is understanding which category you fall under:
●    Very light
●    Light
●    Medium
●    Dark
●    Very dark

For every skin tone, there are various shades you can choose from, so knowing your category will help you decide among fewer shades.

Although it is common to test the different shades on your hand, it would be best to test it directly on your face since it is a part of your body that is always exposed to the sun and the tone can slightly change from the tone of your hands.

So, let’s summarize everything you know now!
Powder foundations can be used on every skin type if what you want to achieve is light coverage with a natural, luminous finish. Liquid foundations work on every skin type if chosen correctly, focusing on the finish. These foundations are also recommended for mature skin since wrinkles and fine lines can be easily filled in by the product.