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How to use lip scrubs for softer lips

Like every other part of your face and body, lips need care as well. Using the right products will keep your lips nourished and feeling soft, preventing them from drying out and cracking, especially in the winter.

What is a lip scrub and what does it do?


Lip scrubs are products specifically created for the treatment of your lips, and you should incorporate them into your skin routine. Because this area of your face is very delicate, these exfoliators are very gentle.

Lip scrubs remove impurities, dust, dead skin cells from your lips leaving them softer and smoother

With the help of balms and moisturizing butters, your lips will be hydrated and moist.

How to apply lip scrubs

Before applying a lip scrub, make sure to remove any trace of makeup and color on your lips, this way you will get the best out of your exfoliator.

A good option when it comes to buying lip scrubs is choosing one that comes in a stick like KIKO MILANO’s lip scrub. 

The convenient stick makes it easy to carry it around and use whether you are home or not and there will not be product waste since it goes directly on your lips. 

A stick lip scrub is very easy to use, just open it and place it on your lower lip and start applying it in small circular motions. Repeat the process on your upper lip and then remove the product with a tissue or wash it off with lukewarm water.

Which are the benefits of a lip scrub?

When it starts to get cold outside, during the autumn and winter months, you may experience dry lips.

Nourish your lips with the help of a balm: this way they will be treated throughout the day or night.

Another benefit that comes from exfoliating your lips, is the removal of impurities that sit on your lips. Like every other part of the face, lips are exposed every day and it is easy to collect dust on them even by simply taking a walk.

If you love wearing lipstick, lip scrubs are a must. Exfoliating your lips will provide them with a smooth texture that makes for a great base for your lip makeup. 

How often should I use a lip scrub?

Just like all exfoliator products, it is best not to use a lip scrub every day because you don’t want to overwhelm the area you are exfoliating. 

You can scrub your lips once a week. Exfoliate preferably at night so you will wake up with softer lips.

After you take off your makeup, apply the lip scrub on your lips and then proceed by gently cleansing the rest of your face. Since this process will take you about a minute, you can proceed with washing off your facial cleansing and lip scrub at the same time.
Once you remove the lip scrub, continue your daily skin routine by using your toner, face serums, eye cream, and your evening moisturizer.
Remember to add a moisturizing and hydrating balm to your lips. Like every other part of your face, lips need to be hydrated as well, and with the dead skin gone, it is going to be easy for your lips to retain the moisture provided by your lip balm.

If you exfoliate your lips before putting your makeup on, leave the lips for last. Start off with your eye makeup so when you remove the product from your lips, whether you decide to wash it off with some water, a tissue, or a warm cloth you will not accidentally remove any makeup around your mouth. 
This way you are also sure to maximize the absorption of the lip balm’s moisture and the application of your lipstick will be smooth and without any smudging. 

How long do you leave lip scrub on?


To get the most out of your lip scrub you don’t want to apply it and take it off right away.
You will want to wait between 1-2 minutes before wiping it off, so your lips will be completely softened, smooth, and all the dead cells will be removed.

When you plan a day spa at home, you may just want to relax in a hot bubble bath, while also taking care of your face.
You will want to start your treatment by cleansing your skin and by applying a face mask. 

Apply your lip scrub and start relaxing: if you are not in a hurry, you can leave your lip scrub on longer and wipe it off when you remove your face mask.
Don’t forget to add your lip balm to finish off your spa day.

Lip scrubs are small products that make a big difference! Cracked lips can be painful and dry lips annoying, this is why adding a scrub to your beauty routine will help. You will find that your lips are going to be softer and smoother, a great base for that red lipstick you’ve been wanting to try!