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Sponge-core brush with synthetic fibers for applying liquid or traditional foundation

face 06 sponge core foundation brush

Sponge-core brush with synthetic fibers for applying liquid or traditional foundation

face 06 sponge core foundation brush

19.00 $

USD 19.00


Sponge-core brush for applying and blending liquid or traditional foundation.

The high-quality synthetic bristles are especially soft to the touch and ensure an even and effortless application. In the brush’s center, a sponge core holds and releases just the right quantity of foundation.

The brush's matte black handle gives this elegant tool a modern and professional look, whereas the ferrule with its gunmetal finish and engraved KK monogram adds a classy touch. The handle’s ergonomic, oval shape makes it easy to grip for a controlled application.

Thanks to the sponge core and innovative bristles, the brush picks up and distributes the perfect amount of foundation, ensuring a uniform, buildable finish. Professional-quality tool, ideal for high-definition make-up.

Pour a few drops of foundation onto the central part of the brush. Apply the product to the face with circular motions, working from the center of the face outward and from the forehead down to the neck.

Clean the brush with a neutral cleanser and let it dry in a horizontal position.

The brush is especially suited for liquid and cream products. The bristles are designed to not absorb the product but release it completely onto the skin, ensuring a precise and flawless application.

When applying the product, the synthetic fibers maintain their compact shape for a uniform finish.



Me encanta calidad-precio , es una gran brocha



Me encanta calidad-precio , es una gran brocha


Nuovo migliore amico

È ottimo anche con la BB cream, credo che con un fondotinta più liquido l'effetto sia ancora più preciso. Ottimo per lavorare più volte il prodotto, lo scioglie perfettamente, molto molto meglio della beauty blender per quanto mi riguarda.



Génial pour le fond de teint



Pinceau très pratique pour appliquer mon fond de teint. J en ai même acheté 2.


Buena brocha

Lo utilizo para extenderme el maquillaje y me va fenomenal



Muy buen producto


Bon pinceau

Pinceau idéal pour appliquer un fond de teint avec couvrance



Facile da usare e stende benissimo il fondotinta, lo consiglio assolutamente..!!



Bellissimo pennello, ottimo per i fondotinta molto liquidi... un po' difficile da pulire



Je l’adore, the pinceau pour le fond de teint nickel

Face 06 Sponge Core Foundation Brush