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Charming Escape
Discover the new KIKO MILANO autumn collection

Leave the hectic city life behind and let yourself be swept away by the enchanting smells and the authentic, romantic feel of the Italian countryside. Discover Charming Escape, a complete line of make-up, skincare and accessories designed to pamper and carry you away to a new dimension of beauty.

 - Innovative and high-performance formulas enriched with simple ingredients inspired by the Italian countryside: apples, lemons, olive oil, sage and vine leaves*. Delicate and enchanting fragrances: an ecstasy for the senses.
 - Warm, natural shades that evoke the vibrant and intense heat of late summer days, and different finishes to choose from for a dreamy make-up look that's perfect for every occasion.
 - Exclusive packaging embellished by floral prints and timeless motifs recalling the wallpapers and elegant decor of Italian country villas.

*on a selection of products


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