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Bold, creamy lipstick

gossamer emotion creamy lipstick


Bold, creamy lipstick

gossamer emotion creamy lipstick

6.99 £
VAT included

6.99 $

VAT included

Creamy lipstick in bold colours with a shiny finish. The formula contains orchid extracts and hyaluronic filling spheres. 

The smooth, supple texture combined with the intense, bright colours create a sensuous smile. The lipstick glides on easily, leaving the lips silky soft. 

Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick comes in a new, modern tube with a metallic finish. This lipstick's distinguishing characteristic is the unique button at the top of the cap.

Available in 30 rich, shiny and metallic colours.


Dermatologically tested.


The lips are full and sensuous. The bright colour accentuates your smile.

Outline the lip contour with Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner in the colour that is closest to your selected lipstick. Apply Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick, starting from the centre of your lips and moving to the corners of your mouth. 

For an even more controlled and professional-appearing application, use Lips Brush 300. Collect a little colour and apply it gradually onto your lips.

Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick



Perfect lipstick.Very pigmented and long lasting!!!



Perfect lipstick.Very pigmented and long lasting!!!


Style & elegance!

A recent convert to KIKO , whilst in Italy recently I purchased the perfect colour for my bold,statement look, Italy always does come up with style and this lipstick whilst the texture,comfort and colour is wonderful the actual casing is elegant and sophisticated! An item which is a pleasure to be seen using!


Love this

Got 124 and 126. Both stunning. Super creamy, glides on, stays put and smells lovely. Best lipstick by far. Little stroke of eyeliner, mascara and this lipstick makes it all about the lips!


looks good is good

omg i love this is incredable , i have nearly all the colours now and i can't put them down. can go with any out fit and they feel good too. they say on forever. i were them all the time. buy buy buy. LOVE IT.


Love this colour!

Lovely finish that actually lasts.



One of my favourite lipsticks I have 101,103,131 they all amazing


My Favourite Lipstick !

I have tried many different drugstore lipsticks, but nothing is quite as good as the Kiko lipsticks. I wear this everyday, it’s creamy and buttery and lasts all day. Beautiful colour always repurchasing this item.



I got 106 and 131. These are my absolute favourite lipsticks by far.



SO cute lipstick, i love it.


It's the best lipstick

It's the best lipstick i ever tried. Is not drying my lips it's so creamy and smells gorgeous.

Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick