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Looking for a striking red lipstick or a nude, more natural shade? At KIKO, you’ll find liquid, waterproof, creamy and transfer-free lipsticks.

44 Results

holiday gems diamond dust lipstick

24 reviews
Special Offer  

ray of love long lasting lip stylo

3 reviews
Special Offer  

Long-lasting lipstick

dolce diva long lasting lip colour

11 reviews
Special Offer  
Special Offer  

fruit explosion watermelon creamy lipstick

4 reviews
Special Offer  

Glossy, hydrating lipstick

charming escape luxurious shiny lipstick

3 reviews

Matte no-transfer lipstick

charming escape luxurious matte lipstick

6 reviews

lasting matte veil liquid lip colour

10 reviews

precious rituals vegan matte lip stylo

0 reviews

Rich and nourishing lipstick

smart fusion lipstick

546 reviews
BEST IN USA Special Offer  

Liquid lipstick

unlimited double touch

1,072 reviews
Best Seller Special Offer  

Creamy lipstick

unlimited stylo

441 reviews

velvet passion matte lipstick

1,031 reviews
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Special Offer  

glossy dream sheer lipstick

135 reviews
Special Offer  

Creamy lipstick

gossamer emotion creamy lipstick

455 reviews
Special Offer  

No transfer lip marker

long lasting colour lip marker

467 reviews

Dark, bright, glossy or matte? Find your KIKO lipstick among thousands of options: choose a volumizing lipstick to make your lips irresistible, try a nude lip gloss for a more natural look or enjoy picking a different colour every morning.  

Apply a lip primer for a flawless effect and choose the best lip pencil for a super defined outline. At the end of the day, don’t forget to remove your lipstick with our wide range of makeup removers!