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Looking for a striking red lipstick or a nude, more natural shade? At KIKO, you’ll find liquid, waterproof, creamy and transfer-free lipsticks.

42 Results

jelly stylo

273 reviews
Special Offer  

shiny lip stylo

53 reviews
FALL2.0 Special Offer  

instant colour matte liquid lip colour

623 reviews
Special Offer  

mini lipstick

123 reviews
Special Offer  

metal liquid lip colour

122 reviews
sparkle up Special Offer  

hydra shiny lip stylo

22 reviews
Special Offer  
Sicilian Notes Special Offer  
Magical Holiday Special Offer  

creamy lipstick

8 reviews
Special Offer  
Magnetic Attraction Special Offer  
Tuscan Sunshine Special Offer  

powder power lipstick

34 reviews
Special Offer  

konscious vegan lipstick

5 reviews
Konscious Special Offer  
Special Offer  

lost in amalfi lasting matte lip colour

23 reviews
Special Offer  

wonder woman power shine explosion lip stylo

1 review
Special Offer  

wonder woman metal power lasting lip paint

11 reviews
Special Offer  

Dark, bright, glossy or matte? Find your KIKO lipstick among thousands of options: choose a volumizing lipstick to make your lips irresistible, try a nude lip gloss for a more natural look or enjoy picking a different colour every morning.  

Apply a lip primer for a flawless effect and choose the best lip pencil for a super defined outline. At the end of the day, don’t forget to remove your lipstick with our wide range of makeup removers!