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Looking for a striking red lipstick or a nude, more natural shade? At KIKO, you’ll find liquid, waterproof, creamy and transfer-free lipsticks.

44 Results

Rossetto confortevole colore mat

kikoid velvet passion matte lipstick

93 reviews
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new happy birthday unlimited double touch

2 reviews

Matte liquid lipstick

instant colour matte liquid lip colour

639 reviews
Best Seller

Extreme comfort matte lipstick

green me matte lipstick

28 reviews
Special Offer

3-in-1 stick for lips, face and eyes with a matte finish

blossoming beauty 3-in-1 all over stick

3 reviews
Special Offer

unlimited stylo

450 reviews
Special Offer

Metallic liquid lipstick

metal liquid lip colour

124 reviews
Special Offer

pH-reacting glow lipstick

ph glow lipstick

8 reviews
Special Offer

Moisturising lipstick

hydra shiny lip stylo

27 reviews
Special Offer
Special Offer
Special Offer

happy b-day, bellezza! velvet passion matte lipstick

4 reviews
Special Offer
Special Offer
Special Offer

No transfer lip marker

long lasting colour lip marker

469 reviews
Special Offer

Lightweight lipstick

powder power lipstick

40 reviews
Special Offer

2-in-1 lipstick and blush with sunflower seed and apple oil

green me lips & cheeks colour - edition 2022

2 reviews
Special Offer

Wet look finish glossy lipstick

jelly stylo

284 reviews
Special Offer

Metallic-finish lipstick with glitter

holiday gems diamond dust lipstick

27 reviews
Special Offer

Matte no-transfer lipstick

charming escape luxurious matte lipstick

20 reviews
Special Offer

Dark, bright, glossy or matte? Find your KIKO lipstick among thousands of options: choose a volumizing lipstick to make your lips irresistible, try a nude lip gloss for a more natural look or enjoy picking a different colour every morning.  

Apply a lip primer for a flawless effect and choose the best lip pencil for a super defined outline. At the end of the day, don’t forget to remove your lipstick with our wide range of makeup removers!