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Lip Pencils

Explore KIKO’s range of lip pencils to wear solo or combined with a lipstick. Choose your favourite waterproof pencil, coloured lip liner or nude lip pencil.

15 Results

2-in-1 lipstick and blush pencil

green me lips & cheeks

41 reviews

Automatic lip pencil

everlasting colour precision lip liner

170 reviews

blue me long lasting lip liner

4 reviews

new creamy colour comfort lip liner

0 reviews

On-the-go pencil lip gloss that's easy to apply

smart fusion creamy lip crayon

2 reviews

On-the-go pencil lip gloss

smart fusion matte lip crayon

3 reviews

Lip pencil

smart fusion lip pencil

323 reviews

lost in amalfi long lasting lip liner

9 reviews
Special Offer

ray of love long lasting lip liner

1 review
Special Offer

Lip pencil

dolce diva waterproof lip liner

2 reviews
Special Offer

Dreaming of having a sensual and super defined lip contour? Be prepared to fall in love with KIKO lip pencils!

Discover all our lip liners and waterproof lip pencils to create a long lasting, smudge-free makeup. Find the perfect shade for your skin and dare with more intense colours to have irresistible lips.

Use our lip contour pencil by itself or add some lipstick or lip gloss to get a stronger effect. Don’t forget to apply a primer to keep your lips soft and moisturised!