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Nail Care

Take care of your nails with KIKO healing ointments and cuticle oils. Explore the whole range, for perfect, smooth and hydrated nails.

19 Results

Top coat effect

perfect gel top coat

Strengthening nail base coat

strengthener base coat

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Nourishing oil pen

intense care oil pen

Peel off cuticle protector base

peel off cuticle protector base

Exfoliating nail pen

nail & cuticle scrub pen

Gel effect top coat

gel effect top coat

Base and top coat

fast & shiny base and top coat

Illuminating stain-concealing base

white look base coat

Don’t hide your hands: to have perfect nails all the time, choose the best manicure accessories and KIKO healing nail polishes.

Explore our nail care products, cuticle oils and healing bases to smooth the surface of your nails and keep it hydrated.

You might dare with an extra brilliant nail polish, available in several glamour colours!

Do you have the bad habit of biting your nails? Give our anti-biting nail polish a try!