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What is micellar water and how to use it

There it is. A must-have for removing stubborn make-up: micellar water. But what is it exactly, do you know? And what does it do to your skin? Well, it really is high time we get acquainted with this best friend of ours. 

What is Micellar Water and How to Use it | KIKO MILANO

What is micellar water and what it does


To put it simply, micellar water is classed as a skin cleanser and it has come to our beauty routine from France. 

Albeit being called water, this product greatly differs in texture from the water you would run a bath with. Why is this? Micellar water is made of demineralized water, moisturisers like glycerine and mild surfactants. 

These elements join together to form small drops of cleansing molecules called micelles, a type of spherical structure which cleanse the skin from impurities left on the surface. These drops, therefore, attract all the make-up left on your face like a magnet and would help leave your skin feel refreshed and clean after application.

How can we use micellar water?

It is really simple to use micellar water: it is in fact the easiest skincare product to use, and it really takes just about a minute. 
Here is how to use it.
Take a small cotton pad and squeeze some amount of product on it so that it feels wet but not soaked, then, gently sweep the pad across the face to remove every residue of make-up and impurities. Since the product tends to be very gentle on many different skin types, you can also wipe the pad across your eyes contour and lips.
When would you want to use it? Mostly to remove make-up before going to bed, or even in the morning if there is some left from the day before. Try the bi-phase micellar water!

What are micellar water’s benefits?

Well, now that we know what micellar water is and how to use it on our face, let us find out in details why we should use it, that is, the benefits and advantages of adding this product to our daily beauty routine.
So far we know now that micellar water is not only gentle but also highly effective at removing dirt, makeup and oil, but did you know it also helps your skin? Well yes, it can. It increases your skin’s hydration, keeping it soft and smooth.
Here is a list of all the benefits of micellar water:
1.    It promotes skin hydration. Most types of micellar water help the skin retain moisture more effectively. Being milder than other skin products, micellar water tends to hydrate the skin without being too invasive.

2.    It removes dirt and oil. Besides helping to hydrate your skin, micellar water is typically your best option when it comes to facial cleansers as it removes not only make-up but also dirt and oil from your skin. 

3.    It is good for every skin type. Micellar water tends to be versatile and well suited for nearly any skin type, regardless of whether you have dry, oily or normal skin. Thus, it is loved by people with delicate or some mild skin conditions. 

4.    It keeps your skin clear. As micellar water is very gentle on your skin while maintaining a clean skin.

5.    It is portable and inexpensive. In addition to all this, micellar water is portable, way less expensive than other skin products and, we know now, super easy to use. It also has many functions, making it very handy when you are travelling and you need to pick the essentials only.

What is Micellar Water and How to Use it | KIKO MILANO

Micellar water, toner and cleanser: what are the differences?


You might have heard the words: micellar water, water cleanser and toner. But what is the difference between all these skincare goodies? 
They are all very precious for anyone into skincare, however they do serve different purposes
Cleansers are facial care products that are normally used to remove makeup, other skin care product residue, and whatever your skin may be carrying from the night or a whole day of your life (sweat, dirt and so on). So that is why it is usually recommended to be the first step of any good skin care routine. 
Oftentimes, however, a simple cleansing is not enough to remove certain products and it is good practice to double cleanse your face by combining your cleanser with micellar water and toner
But why do we do this? You may ask. Well, “double cleansing” ensures full dissolution and removal of residues that might be more resistant to cleansing. Have you tried to remove waterproof makeup from your face? Well, when you do, you want to do it right. And this is when and why micellar water and toner come to play. They have slightly different properties that contribute to cleansing your skin and prepping it before moisturising it. 
Let us have a look at what a toner exactly is. A toner is usually your second stage of cleansing; it is a combination of water and skin-benefiting ingredients. Toner can hydrate and flush the skin with its other skin-loving ingredients.
The best way to be would entail using all three products in different stages of the beauty routine and now you know why. 

Now you know what micellar water is and the difference between this and other face products and why we should use them. It is time for you to try and see what works best for your skin!