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What is a facial cleanser and when to use it?

Cleaning your face should be one of the first steps of the skincare routine you follow every day. 
Cleansing helps remove excess oil, makeup, sweat and dead skin cells from your skin, therefore refreshing it. It also creates a clean foundation for you to apply products like face moisturiser or makeup. 

What is a facial cleanser and what does it do?

A facial cleanser is a skincare product most widely used to remove makeup, dead skin cells, oil, and other pollutants from the skin. 

What is a Facial Cleanser and When to Use It? | KIKO MILANO

Types of facial cleansers 


As people have different skin types, it is very important to understand which product suits your needs (and those of your skin!) the most. Knowing the differences between them will help you choose the best products for your skin.
We can have a look together at the main differences of the various types of cleansers on the market.

1.    Gel cleansers
Gel cleansers are clear and have a gel-like consistency. They are mainly suitable for oily skin types.

2.    Cleansing bars
Cleansing bars are very different from the normal soaps. The facial cleansing bar is non-stripping & ultra-gentle. Moreover, it is vegan and 98% of its ingredients have natural origin, making it extra special. It is the ideal product to wash your face.

3.    Foam cleansers
Foam cleansers usually come in a pump package and, when dispensed on the skin, they create a rather foamy lather. These cleansers are suited to every skin type, as they are good at removing oil excesses from the skin just as gel ones and they are very pleasant to use.

4.    Oil cleansers
This may come as a surprise but cleansing oils can be the ideal solution for your skin type. If you have an extremely dry skin or if you notice the appearance of many fine lines, oils may become your new best friends. 
Oil cleansing uses a combination of gentle plant-based oils to draw out impurities and cleanse while moisturising. Your skin may really get great benefits from this! KIKO MILANO’s cleansing oil contains almond oil and extracts of marigold and camomile and it was specially designed to dissolve makeup, making its removal even more effective.

What is a Facial Cleanser and When to Use It? | KIKO MILANO

When to use a facial cleanser and how often


It is easier said than done – knowing when and how to clean your face is very important to have a healthy-looking skin. 
Interestingly enough, oily skin types require less cleansing than they appear to do. Over-cleansing the skin in this case can cause the skin to produce even more oil and therefore be more prone to blemishes than it normally would.
One key point that every expert would agree on is that it is vital to remove makeup before going to bed as this would let the skin breathe and prevent the residue from seeping into your pores overnight. 
Overnight we sweat and our pores expel oil and toxins which makes us wake up with shiny or unclean skin. This is why we should start our day by removing excess oil and sweat from our skin and start fresh. In the evening cleansing can help remove makeup, oil and dirt that have accumulated on our faces throughout the day. Even when feeling lazy or tired, it is extremely important to cleanse off any dirt and residue before you go to bed so that your skin can breathe and renew itself over night. 
It is recommended to wash your face with a facial cleanser splashing lukewarm water on to your face and massaging your skin in a circular motion, starting in the centre of your face and working outward.
If you have a particularly delicate skin, make sure that you wash your face with a gentle cleanser that does not deplete your skin of its natural moisture and nourishes it deeply.

Overall benefits of facial cleansers

Most of the environmental impurities and cosmetic products our skin comes in contact with are not water soluble, so washing the skin with water is not enough to remove them. 
Skin cleansers remove dirt, sebum, oil and dead skin cells.
Using the right facial cleanser daily can have great effects on your skin appearance. Below you can view a summary of the benefits that incorporating a cleanser to your routine would have:
-    Increase the chances of having a healthy-looking and smoother skin,
-    Keep your skin hydrated and supple,
-    Exfoliate dry and dead skin cells, revealing your skin’s natural glow,
-    Help fight the sign of aging.

So now you know why using a facial cleanser should be one and – possibly the first – step of your daily skincare routine. It is time to look for the product that suits you and your skin the most!