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The different types of eyeliner and how to use them

There you go, you think you know everything there is to know about eyeliners and how to apply them to create the perfect finish for your makeup look and another type of eyeliner comes to market, confusing you even more on what to use and why. 
Here we are to answer all your questions about eyeliners so that all can be clear once and for all!

Different types of eyeliner

First of all, you may know already, there is more than one type of eyeliner on the market, and they all differ in the effect they produce. 
Let us have a look at the different types more in details.
First, we should remember that eyeliners are to be used on the outside of the lash line, unless it is written on the case that it can be used in the inner lash line (such as the kajal).

1.    The pencil eyeliner
It is arguably the most commonly used as it the more natural upgrade from the crayon or the kajal you would have used growing up. Pencil eyeliners are quick and easy to use and master and are extremely beginner friendly. 
This type of eyeliner is usually creamy and effortlessly glides on your lash line and waterline.
Some pencil eyeliners require sharpening like a pencil; this means that before drawing a line on your eye, they require to be sharpened for better results and precise lines. Nothing is easier to use than the automatic eye pencil, the response by KIKO Milano to great result with minimal effort when drawing lines around your eyes. The pencil creates a high-definition line with superior coverage, giving the eyes lasting depth with no touch-ups necessary. 

2.    Liquid eyeliner
The liquid eyeliner is perfect when you want to create bolder and more dramatic looks, as the liquid gives you the most precision and make you create well-defined thin lines
Many popular eye looks require the use of a liquid eyeliner, that is why this product is usually a must have in the makeup bag. However, precision and thinness entail a greater mastery and savoir-faire during the application. It is important to have a steady hand when creating the delicate strokes. This eyeliner tends to dry quickly thus making it impossible to blend with the eyeshadow. What you want to use it is to create ultra-defined, sharp lines that will last long. You can go for a more matte or glossy effect according to your personal preference or to better complement the look you are creating. Our suggestion is to opt for a definition eyeliner which easily adheres to the eyelid for a shiny effect.

3.    Pen eyeliner
This is a combination of the first two eyeliners: the effect of a liquid eyeliner combined with the ease of a pencil eyeliner. 
The fine tip of the pen eyeliner makes it easy to draw precise lines while the shape of a sketch pen makes it easy to use, even for absolute beginners. For a flawless precision and eye-catching intensity, pick our pen eyeliner, whose soft and flexible tip reliably follows the eye contour, allowing for an absolutely clean and precise line, with buildable thickness. This pen also has a “capillary system” technology allowing the pen to release the ideal amount of formula, for maximum control during application and an impeccable result, without smudging.

4.    Gel eyeliner
It is usually sold in small little pots together with angled brushes and may look at bit intimidating at fist to a beginner’s eye. Gel eyeliners are a makeup-lovers best friend as they are not only used to define the lash line but are also great for applying all over the lid as an eyeshadow base or smudging in the outer corner for a smokey eye makeup look. 
By varying the thickness and angle of your eyeliner brush, you can create different eyeliner looks with the gel eyeliner. 
The gel eyeliners, however, do need a steady hand for application, just like the liquid ones, but if you like the look of soft and smudged lines that are not as precise as the ones you would get with a liquid eyeliner, the gel eyeliner is the right choice for you. 

“What type of eyeliner suits me the most?”


Well, there is no such thing as an eyeliner that suits the most, but there is definitely one that suits your look the most.
Here are a few tips to take into consideration before choosing which eyeliner to go for:
1.    The liquid eyeliner tends to dry quickly, so you need to avoid using it to create soft, smokey eye looks that need a smudged eyeliner effect.
2.    When it comes to eyeliners that dry quickly (both liquid and gel), it is advisable to just shut the lids tightly after every use to let the products dry off and not to ruin the rest of the makeup look.
3.    Pencil eyeliner generally tend to draw thicker lines that you can easily smudge by blending it with eye brushes, which makes it perfect for smokey looks, but really not ideal for cat-eye looks and other similar looks requiring the drawing of a sharp, super-defined line.

Using eyeshadow as eyeliner

Well, this is not really a type of eyeliner but actually an eyeliner super useful hack! 
Simply pick your favourite eyeshadow shade from an eyeshadow palette, dip an angled brush in, and draw a line across your lash line. There you have it, a coloured eyeliner look without any coloured liner! For example, dip into a pink eyeshadow shade from the Smart Cult Eyeshadow Palette to create a soft, daytime pink eyeliner look. The only downside of shadow liners is that they are not as long-lasting as liquid or gel liners and can easily smudge or fade away but they are still worth a try!
The Different Types of Eyeliners and How to Use Them | KIKO MILANO

Tips for beginners


If you are a true beginner and you are taking the first steps in the makeup world, take your time to learn how to smudge, blend and create simple but perfect looks. 
To do so, start with a pencil eyeliner and improve your techniques little by little before proceeding with more complex products. 
To create cat-eye lines, start by using a pen eyeliner, learn to keep your hand steady and to draw thin lines, then move to liquid or gel eyeliners. 

These are all the tips we can give you when you are just starting to apply eyeliner the first times. Slowly you would be able to do the more complex looks you can find here on our website. Do not put pressure on yourself: understand your tools first, learn how to use them and why and then just practice. Come on, you can do it!

The Different Types of Eyeliners and How to Use Them | KIKO MILANO