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Summer means joy, energy and colour - even on your hands! Nails take a starring role in everyone’s favourite season, dressed up in dazzling new shades and patterns that won’t go unnoticed. 

In the sea or by the pool, if you're wondering what colours to show off this time of year, why not start with the shades of blue, for a nail polish colour like the crystal clear waters of your last dive?

To highlight amber coloured skin, white and light tones are generally also perfect. Moreover, pastel shades of yellow, pink and green are on-trend for summer manicures. And if you’re looking to be noticed, there’s nothing better than bright colours worn together for an explosive summer: be daring and show the colours on your hands!

Summer nail art: colour and energy are the key words

Nail art trends for summer mean nails that stand out, with minimal yet colourful patterns, and polka dots and stripes that play with geometries and shades of colour. 

In summertime, nails explode with fruits and flowers on glittery and shiny backgrounds: nail art infused with the vitamins of red cherries or exotic pineapples. Those evoking brightly coloured fish and the enchanted world of mermaids are perfect as well, with iridescent and mother-of-pearl details (and yes, in case you're wondering, we have a mermaid-effect nail polish just for you). Then there is the timeless navy style, with elements that recall sailing: the dream of being adrift at sea, even while in the sweltering city.

Colourful summer nails: what the trends say!

Summery nails in azure blue shades are a must for the season, providing elegance and freshness while enhancing your tan. The extremely wide range of nail polish shades lets you go from electric or midnight blue, to cerulean or teal, choosing shiny, metallic, satiny or multi-shimmer glitter finishes.

Red nails: a timeless classic, with unexpected shades

Red nails are always in style:  practically perfect in every season, they always make you feel like a diva, from the very first coat. For summer, however, opt for shades that stray from the norm, with on-trend tones ranging from coral, to cherry, to orange. Whatever shade you choose, know that red summery nails stand out better with an ultra-shiny finish.


The elegance of grey

Grey: elegant, classy and neutral, perfect for any summer outfit - even the most colourful. Your imagination has no limit when it comes to combinations!


Nails for summer: pastel colours

Pastel shades are wide ranging, too, recalling the sweetness of marshmallows in pink, pale blue and light yellow - perfect as a base for romantic and bohemian-chic nail-art.

Fan of a multicolour look? Opt for a rainbow-effect manicure!

Summer is also the season of fun: the right time to take a chance with vibrant colours like yellow, orange, or green (use a different colour per nail if you want), combining them with surprising colour cocktails and a bright out-of-the-ordinary look!

What colours will you be inspired by this summer? KIKO nail polishes offer lasting hold and a wide array of colours!