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Quick and easy pink eyeshadow looks to try right now!

Is there anything better than pastel colours for the summer, or when summer is slowly fading, but that nice, natural tan not just yet? 
We think pink in all its shades is a wonderful colour for your makeup: it gently brightens your face, gives an extra glow to your eyes and adds a touch of everlasting youth
Here we want to focus a bit on pink eyeshadow: how to create a perfect look, different combinations to use and why.
Care to find out more about this? You will be surprised about what pink can do!

Quick and Easy Pink Eyeshadow Looks to Try Right Now! | KIKO MILANO

How to do a pink eyeshadow look step by step

A pink lid really enhances your eye without a dramatic effect. But let us have a look at how to create your look step by step.
1.    First of all, do your eyebrows and prep the skin around your eye and on the lid by applying primer: this would help your look last longer. 
2.    Take your pink eyeshadow by KIKO Milano and, using your round blending brush, sweep it all over the crease of your eyes. Let us focus most of the powder in the outer half of the crease and then bring it towards the inner half for nice blending.
3.    You can apply the lighter shade of concealer under the eyebrows for highlighting and brightening it up and then set this area with some powder
4.    Apply the pearly pink on the centre of the eyelid area to make sure that it has some shimmer.
5.    Add to the look using a gel ink eyeliner and drawing it across from the centre of the eyelid. 
6.    You can then curl and coat your eyelashes by applying mascara. And do not forget to apply some highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes.
7.    To complete this look, we cannot ignore some blush and highlighter with similar soft pink colour to apply to the cheekbone.
8.    All we need to do at this last step is to apply some lipsticks. For outlining the lips, you can use a moisturising lipstick. Now, our gorgeous pink look is finally ready!

Variations on the pink eyeshadow makeup looks

Well, what we just offered you there was a step-by-step guide to an everyday pink eyeshadow look that you can rock with no fear of being extreme. 
However, we want to offer you a couple of variations to the look so that you can play around with the colours and pick the look that suits you, your mood, the occasion the most. Pretty handy, right?
1.    The “Killer” Look
Looking for a captivating yet effortless look? Something that would make your eye truly pop? We have the look for you. Use a deeper tone of pink eyeshadow to define eye shape and blend until edges soften. Our eyeshadow palette has the perfect matte pink for that!
2.    From shimmer do not shy
And how can you get one of those radiant looks that make your eye really sparkle? To achieve this effect, add a shimmery powder to the lower part of the lid, close to the lash line. Use this same shadow to highlight beneath the brow and blend!

Smoke it out!


But that is not all. Here for you we have another couple of complete tutorials on pink looks, because we really think you should try it next! 
For these looks, use KIKO Milano Smart Cult Eyeshadow Palette in Shocking Sparkle shades for better results!
Here we go with the timeless smokey eye. Seductive and elegant, a pink smokey eye look is all you need when going out to enjoy your summer night. Here is what to do.
1.    Prime your eyes with an eye primer
2.    Colour your lid in a light pink eyeshadow
3.    Define your crease with a bright shade
4.    Take that same bright pink eyeshadow on a small, tapered eyeshadow brush, add some colour along your lower lash line. Gently smudge the shadow for a smoky effect
5.    Add definition by using a shimmering white eyeshadow to highlight your inner corners
6.    Line your eyes by using a pencil eyeliner
7.    Apply mascara
And here is your perfect pink smokey eye!

Quick and Easy Pink Eyeshadow Looks to Try Right Now! | KIKO MILANO

The purple eye

Looking for something more purple? Here is yet another idea for you. 
Follow these easy steps to create your purple look!
1.    Always start with a clean face and primed eyes. Primer helps keep the makeup on for longer, prevents creasing and also helps your colours show up more vibrant.
2.    Take a very shimmery bright pink shade and apply it carefully on the inner half of your eyelid. Follow the natural shape of your eye. Do not go all the way up to your brow bone. 
3.    Take a dark purple shade, shimmery is better, and apply it onto the outer half your eyelid in the same way that you have applied your pink.
4.    Thoroughly blend the purple into the pink such that no defined lines are visible. The colours should seamlessly flow into one another.
5.    Take a dark blue colour to deepen the purple shade as this would give a smokey effect. Apply the blue from the outer corner of your eye to your crease, and from the outer corner of your eye inwards onto your upper lash line. 
6.    Blend the blue shade all the way into your crease and also into the outer half of your eyelid. This deepens the purple that we had applied earlier and make sure it does not blend with the pink too much.
7.    Line your upper lash line with a black eyeliner and for a dramatic effect create a wing outwards from the outer corner of your eyes. We need to create a basic shape for our liner. For extra effect, extend the wing inwards about a quarter of the way from our lower external lash line. 
8.    Once your liner is done, take a matte black colour and draw a line extending from the outermost part of your liner wing and extend it into the crease.
9.    Blend the black thoroughly into the crease as well as into the blue that we had applied earlier. Leave the pink as it is. This creates the illusion of huge deep eyes.
10.    Because we want our eyes to look big, we can add a little pink above the area that is above the black crease that we had blended earlier. But make sure this pink is lighter than the one we used on our eyelids to make the eyes pop even more.
11.    Take a white colour and apply it on the remaining three quarters of the lower lash line. 
12.    Use a white colour to highlight your brow bone. Make sure to blend it thoroughly.
13.    Use as much mascara as you can on your lashes. You can also use false eyelashes for added drama.

Okay, there are just a few of our pink eyeshadow looks. Remember you can always mix and match the tips we give you to find the solution that is just perfect for you! Go on, it is time to test them out!