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Ombré lip makeup

Chokers, crop tops, and bum bags as far as the eye can see: the colourful 90s and grunge style have made a major comeback, not just in our wardrobes but also in beauty.
So as well as experimenting and travelling back in time to the pre-internet era with unkempt hairstyles, mom jeans and fluorescent colours, it’s the perfect time to dig out a much-loved trend, the ombré lip.
Discover how to recreate a two-colour blended lip look in a flash!


How to create an ombré lip: the basic technique in two simple steps

1.    First Step: Use a pencil or lipstick in a mid to dark shade
- Outline your lip contour using a lip pencil in your preferred shade (just one thing: choose a colour that is darker than the lipstick you’re going to use on the inside of your lips).
- If you prefer, you can use a pencil to fully define your lip contour, then apply a matching lipstick – this should be in the same shade for a flawless result.
To avoid creating too much of a contrast between the inside and outside of your lips, don't just draw a line with the darker pencil but blend it into the centre with a lip brush.
2.    Second Step: Use a paler lipstick
Choose a lipstick with a paler shade than the lip pencil, without causing a clash, and apply it to your inner lips (think combining orangey-red with pink or brick red with burgundy; stay away from bold combinations or mixing cold and hot shades, unless you’re looking for a more striking look).


“Reverse” ombré lips: pale on the outside, brighter on the inside

An interesting and fashionable alternative for creating a blended-effect lip look is to use the classic technique...inverted. The darker shade of lipstick is therefore not applied to the outside, on the outline of the lips, but inside and subsequently, the paler shade will be blended around the outside.
With a coat of sheer lip gloss, you’ll make the dégradé effect even more sophisticated: apply it evenly to the lips to make them super shiny.


Dégradé lip makeup in nude shades

To emphasise the lips with a sophisticated look for any occasion, you can opt for a nude dégradé lip, playing with tonal contrasts.
Here’s how:
- Choose two matte nude lipsticks, one slightly darker and one slightly lighter.
- Apply the darker lipstick to the outside of the lips, focusing on the outer corners.
- Now apply the lighter lipstick to the centre of the lips, as well as to the Cupid’s bow and the lower edge of the lip to achieve a less defined effect and contrast between the two shades.
A textbook lip look always starts with lip care: use a gentle scrub a few times a week and always carry a lip balm with you.

Get your makeup and your phone ready: take a photo of your look and share it using the hashtag #KIKOtrendsetters: take centre stage in the world of KIKO MILANO.