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How to create natural, radiant makeup:
tips and ideas for a simple, fresh look

From more formal occasions to days in the office to nights out, you can never go wrong with natural makeup. It gives a gorgeous, looked after appearance, allows you to enhance the face with skilful touches of light and shadow and to experiment with a variety of shades on the lips and eyes.

The secret to creating a natural makeup look? Leave nothing to chance, from the base to the lips. Whilst it’s a makeup look that we’re sure will become an enjoyable routine and daily habit, it does require a bit of effort to follow each simple step and, of course, to use the right products (or tools :) ).

Natural face makeup: how to create the perfect base

When talking about makeup, “natural” (you’ll soon discover) goes hand in hand with “ultra-defined” even if you wouldn’t have guessed it. This means it’s vital to start with a flawless base for the face makeup. Let’s take a look at how to create a flawless base.

1) Choose the best primer for your skin type to create a long-lasting base and even out the complexion. 

2) Proceed with applying foundation, applying it to the face with a foundation brush, blender or sponge and blending gently. 

3) Camouflage under eye circles, blemishes and discolouration with concealer.

4) Set with powder. 

5) Define the eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil, palette or mascara. To ensure the result works well with the rest of the makeup, avoid making them too strong or drawing overly sharp strokes or lines.

6) Apply bronzer to create dimension and define the cheekbones. 

7) Complete with blush to instantly revitalise the complexion.

And saving the best till last, the true secret weapon for a natural makeup look is highlighter: available in powders, creams or sticks, highlighters give the face a radiant glow. 

What’s the must-have magic product for creating a dazzling base? A 3 in 1 moisturiser, primer and highlighter: perfect for preparing the skin for makeup and illuminating every complexion. 

Natural eye makeup: play with shading

Would you like captivating eyes, even with light makeup? It’s possible, with a few tricks. 

-First of all, apply concealer. Using a colour correcting palette, you can camouflage under eye circles and discolouration as well as enhancing points of light with one multi-purpose product. Skin tone becomes even, the eye area appears fresh and smooth. 

-When choosing eyeshadows, start with a light shade and apply to the entire eyelid as an eye makeup base. Then apply a small amount of darker eyeshadow to the eyelid, blending gently for a result that’s still very natural. 

-With a brown kajal on the waterline, outline and emphasise your eyes.

-Finish off with mascara and perfect the eyebrows (essential for framing the face). Never fear if you're in need of some tips for the perfect eyebrow makeup, you’re in the right place. 

Natural lip makeup: nude shades and velvety or radiant finishes

The first piece of advice for having perfect lips is to pamper them with a specific routine and to keep them moisturised: make sure you always have a lip balm to hand to use when needed. 

Want to minimise smudges? Use a smoothing lip primer: you’ll have super smooth lips and the colour of all your lipsticks will be enhanced.

For lipsticks and lip glosses, focus on gentle or nude shades - they’re ideal for this kind of simple, natural makeup - and match them to your skin type. You could opt for a matte, glossy or satin finish: what’s important is to not go overboard and to keep the final look as soft as possible.

If you’re a fan of a head-to-toe look, recreate the natural effect on your nails as well with a nude manicure, using a light nail polish with coverage of your choice according to the look you want to achieve.