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How to apply makeup to your lips to enhance them: there's a KIKO beauty suggestion for every shape and need.

Do you dream about having plump, voluptuous, almost volumised lips, but don’t want to resort to cosmetic surgery? Do you already have quite a defined mouth and want to know how to apply makeup in the best way? Not a problem: there are simple makeup products available to help you to improve the appearance of your lips, enhance their shape and achieve kissable lips with no need for touch ups. Find out more with the #GETTHELOOK that’s on everyone's lips.





All well-executed makeup starts with the basics of cleansing and hydrating the skin, and the same golden rule applies for your lips. Chapped lips and dry flaky skin are public enemy number one for every lipstick. To improve appearance or prevent these issues, all you need is a gentle scrub as your first step.


Always remove every trace of a previously applied lipstick with a two-phase makeup remover designed for the fragile areas of the face such as the eyes and lips (yes, even if at times you’re feeling too lazy, resist that temptation: never go to bed with your makeup still on! You won't look like a panda the next morning, and your pillowcases will thank you for it). Move on to the scrub phase straight away with a lip scrub stick, which is gentle on the skin thanks to its micro-crystals and which leaves the skin soft and smooth.




Lip balm. A trusty tool you can take with you anywhere. In fact, put one in every handbag to never be without it! Useful at any moment, to hydrate the lips in extreme heat or cold and to keep them soft throughout the day, it’s available in various types and formats depending on your taste: a neutral stick, for universal moisturising and softening action, a slightly tinted stick, to nourish and provide a delicate veil of colour, or a perfecting and naturally volume-enhancing cream.


Think licking your lips keeps them hydrated? Nothing could be more wrong! The feeling of nourishment you get is only momentary and your lips will be even drier shortly afterwards. Don’t give up on lip balm, because it also turns out to be useful in other ways: for example did you know that you can apply it over a mascara smudge on your eyelid, and remove the makeup more easily with a cotton wool ball or pad, without aggravating the sensitive skin of the eye contour?




Whether your lips are thin or full, starting with a layer of foundation on the lips will enhance every makeup product, for longer-lasting, cleaner-looking lipstick colour.

Your face becomes a canvas, allowing you to reshape your lip contour with a pencil however you like and to paint your lips, filling them in with your favourite shades of lipstick or gloss to suit your mouth shape and complexion.


Use a transparent pencil to draw the ideal outline, and don't let your lip makeup go beyond it: there are no smudges when you’re working with an invisible tool. Finally, after applying your lipstick, gently blot your lips with a neutral powder: it will maximise the long-lasting effect of the makeup.




Let’s start with a little consolation: a lot of us have thin or poorly defined lips. But there’s good news: it doesn’t take much to make them look fuller and more enhanced! The essential thing is to choose a lip contour pencil in the same shade as your lipstick, so that the lines outside the real outline of the mouth don’t look unnatural. Don't go more than two or three millimetres beyond the natural line of your lips, and work with small strokes, to be as precise as possible and make fewer mistakes (the risk of a crooked line is just around the corner, and don’t forget you’ve already applied the perfect base so you don’t want to have to start again J ).


Choose a colour that isn’t too dark: dark colours can make your lips seem thinner, so opt for vibrant tones or a nude lipstick. Dab a touch of gloss to the centre of the lips to add light and a natural plumping effect.



They can thank Mother Nature, but even the lucky ones with full lips need a bit of makeup to enhance them. For example, when applying a matte lipstick it’s better to outline the lip contour keeping one millimetre inside the natural line, to avoid the lips seeming even fuller and out of balance with the other focal points of your makeup look.


Dare to try a blended effect, by applying a lip pencil in a colour slightly darker than your lipstick. It’s a sought-after look for every fairy tale princess.


The most romantic curve of your face, even in name: your Cupid's bow is a natural feature worth highlighting and emphasising. How? Simply highlight it by applying an ivory-coloured pencil or a cream or powder highlighter (a tiny quantity, don’t go over the top) and - voilà - your smile will stand out even more.

Have any beauty tips for enhancing and applying makeup to your lips that you want to try or share?

Get your makeup and your phone ready: take a photo of your look and share it using the hashtag #kikotrendsetters: take centre stage in the world of KIKO MILANO.

Make-up to hand and smartphones fully charged: take a photo of your look and share it using hashtag #KIKOtrendsetters: bag yourself a starring role in the KIKO MILANO world.