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How to apply false eyelashes: a step-by-step guide for beginners

We love the look of fake lashes, but applying them? Hmm, not that much. 
So, determined to give you the best advice for you to put on fake eyelashes seamlessly, we decided to put together this short guide so that you could get all the information you need on what to do (and not to do).

How to Apply False Eyelashes: a step-by-step guide for beginners | KIKO MILANO

All the steps for applying false eyelashes


Here is a detailed list of the steps required to achieve the best results when applying your fake lashes.
1.    Prep your natural lashes
This step comes right after you are done with your eyeshadow and eyeliner. 
All you need to do is curl your cleaned lashes using an eyelash curler and put on a bit of mascara.  
2.    Trim the falsies to shape
You can trim your false eyelashes to make sure they fit. You can measure the strip against your actual eyelid and trim off the excess (be careful: not while it is against your eye, please!). You can use the trimmed bit to later stack upon the lash strip at your eye's outer corners for that extra look or use it when you just want a bit more emphasis on top of your natural outer lashes.
3.    Apply glue to the eyelash
Using a tweezer, hold the fake lashes and dab on a thin line of glue to the lash band with a cotton swab. It is important that you never squeeze the glue from the tube directly onto the lash base, as you would end up with too much product on it which would then be hard to remove, hide or get dry. The best way is to just put a drop of clue on the middle of a q-tip and just drag the lash through it. Do not worry about it afterwards: it will dry clear and will not be visible anymore.
4.    Wait for the glue to dry slightly
This is absolutely a game-changer: let the glue dry for about 30 seconds. This way, the fake lashes are less likely to slide around when you apply them. When you wave the lash around for a bit after adding the glue, the formula dries enough to become tacky, preventing you from getting glue all over the place.
5.    Apply the lashes
Using the tweezers again, put the lashes in place right where your eyeliner is and press them into the lash line. 
6.    Hide the lash strip
Extra eyeliner and another coat of mascara with tie it all together, filling in any little gaps. Note: while adding a touch of mascara to the fake lashes will help blend them with your real lashes, it will also limit the use of the pair to one or two times.

How to Apply False Eyelashes: a step-by-step guide for beginners | KIKO MILANO

Where to apply false eyelashes


Here we go, it seems really easy – probably easier said than done. 
However, the hardest part of putting on fake eyelashes is actually plopping the strip onto the lash line close enough so that it is right on top but not tangled up in the real lashes. 
Some say that if you place a mirror under your face nearly to a perpendicular angle and look down, your eyelid will extend, almost like you are closing your eyes, but you will then be able to see exactly where to place the strip. 
This tip is great as it makes it so much easier than trying to do this staring into a vertical mirror and poking yourself into the eyes with the head tilted back at wildly uncomfortable angles.

Eyelashes: it is all about the shape

There are many factors at play when it comes to false lash application, including your eye shape, how exactly you remove your lashes from their box in the first place and that is before we have even got to trimming and glue application.

-    How to apply fake eyelashes on curly lashes
Applying fake eyelashes on curl lashes can be a little tricky.
Relax your lashes and straighten them out temporarily so that you can easily apply your falsies: you can do so by applying a clear mascara. 
This way, the lashes will be straight for the time you apply your falsies, making it way easier.

-    How to apply fake eyelashes on straight lashes
When your lashes are extremely straight, on the other hand, it will be easier to apply the falsies but not as much to curl them. 
Make sure you curl them both with mascara after the application, so to curl both your own lashes and the false lashes together, making them stick and thus also curling your own to the desired angle.

One final note on removal

Your false lashes should be removed before beginning your makeup removal routine. You can soften the adhesive with a cotton swab soaked in a good-quality makeup remover, such as the pure clean eyes and lips
Run your swab along the lash line. Then, grab the extension by the outer corner and slowly peel the strip away from your real lash. 

And there you go: you know now how to apply and remove your falsies, now it is definitely time to try out these tips, best of luck!