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How to apply concealer, everything you need to know!

How to Apply Concealer, Everything You Need to Know! | KIKO MILANO

The concealer. if you find the right one for you and the best way to apply it, it can become your best friend in the whole world. But why is that? What exactly is concealer and why is it that important?
Let us find out here a few tips and tricks about this little friend of ours, essential on a rainy day and to cover up certain mishaps.

What is concealer?

A concealer, also known as colour corrector, is essentially a type of cosmetic that is used to mask specific parts of your face, like dark circles or blemishes that are visible on the skin. 
It is usually thicker, and more heavily pigmented, than the typical foundation and it tends to blend the imperfection you want to hide to the surrounding skin tone. 
Concealers are available in a wide variety of shades; usually people tend to pick a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than the skin tone to be able to blend it and cover the blemishes. 

How to Apply Concealer, Everything You Need to Know! | KIKO MILANO

How to pick the right concealer

Just as you would do for your favourite moisturiser, it is crucial to understand your skin type before buying a new concealer, as different finishes work best depending on your complexion.
If you have oily skin, it would be better to avoid a creamy or stick concealer as these textures tend to magnify the appearance of pores but rather look for powdery, long-wear or mattifying formula instead. On the other hand, if you have dry skin, try to avoid matte finishes because this will emphasise dryness and opt for formulas with a slightly radiant finish, packed with hydrating ingredients.
Liquid concealer is preferred for covering wrinkled areas because it is the least likely to cake and it poses minimal risk of crease, contrarily to creamier concealers. 
A medium-to-full coverage cream concealer tends to conceal discolouration particularly well, especially when applied by being warmed into the skin using a targeted brush or sponge. A liquid concealer with a radiant shimmer finish is good for under the eyes because it covers and highlights the area with a soft glow, but it should not be an overt sparkling shine, precisely like the full coverage concealer.
Once you know the finish you want in your concealer, it is time to start the hardest part of your search, that is, getting the right shade. The experts agree that a concealer has to match your skin completely, with a maximum of one or two shades lighter for your under-eyes if you wish to brighten.

How to use the concealer

First of all, prep your skin. Primer should always be the first step in your makeup routine. After you apply your moisturiser, it is time to prime your face which will gloss over any fine lines and visible pores. Primer creates a smooth canvas for your foundation and makes your cosmetics last for ages.
Then should you go to foundation or concealer? Well, this is the question, actually. This depends on where you are using the concealer. For under-eye circles, you should apply concealer first, then foundation. 
Concealer has a more natural effect when you work in thin layers and build it up gradually and it works way better if you use a concealer brush rather than your fingertips. But how?
1.    Apply several dots of concealer under the eyes close to the lashes. Apply a dot to the inside corners of the eyes contour;
2.    Tap in the concealer (do not ever rub!) and make sure you blend well;
3.    Now you can apply your foundation of choice, making sure not to rub the concealer off the spots where you had applied it. 
4.    Once you are done with your foundation, apply concealer on other uneven spots on the face like the chin and the nose and mouth if need be and once again tap in.
5.    Apply an extra layer if you need more coverage.
6.    Dust fine, loose powder over your face to set your concealer.

How to Apply Concealer, Everything You Need to Know! | KIKO MILANO

Using concealer as a foundation: yay or nay?

Concealer is an obvious choice when it comes to concealing discoloration, but can it be used all over the face? 
Well interestingly enough the answer is both yes…and no. If you have close-to-perfect skin and there are just some areas that you need to work on, concealer is precisely what you need. Just apply a tiny spot of concealer there blending the edges well to make that transition invisible. If you want to cover all the face with concealer, there are certain things you need to keep in mind.
Concealer features a thick formula, so if you really need that thick coverage no matter what, make sure to use face primer first. Also, make sure you pick a concealer that you can actually use as foundation, such as our full coverage 2-in-1, boasting an even distribution of pigments within the formula, ensuring coverage but not missing on blending potential.
If you want to use concealer all over the face, you will likely need more than one colour to avoid looking flat. Use the lighter shade under the eyes, and darker one the rest of the face. If you are into contouring, you may get the third colour that is darker than your skin to apply under cheek bones for that finely sculptured look.

All in all, applying concealer is not too hard, but finding the right shade could be. Therefore, make sure you spend time looking at how the shades look in contrast with your skin and keep trying until you find the right one! What is the right one? The one that “conceals” whilst having a natural look!