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Thinking of orange blossom? Find out about KIKO’s offers for true fairytale bridal makeup

If there’s anything that even the hardiest non-romantics dream of, it’s a wedding with a white dress (whether the bride is styled as a princess or a mermaid!). With such high expectations nothing can be left to chance - so let us take care of the makeup. Natural makeup matched to your eye or hair colour or using nude shades. Find out more with #GETTHELOOK - if it were a song it would be a wedding march (obviously)!

the longlasting base of a bridal makeup

the longlasting base of a bridal makeup

Is the base of a bride’s makeup absolutely crucial? You’d better believe it is! For a bride to appear angelic, sophisticated and natural, structured and long-lasting makeup is key. Just think of how many hours you’re going to spend smiling, kissing, posing and enjoying that magical day. The last thing on your mind should be your foundation!

Here are the essential ingredients for streak-free, flawless, radiant skin. Primer: your discreet and ever-reliable friend; the first step towards flawless beauty.

Foundation: best when liquid-based; the first layer of makeup. Alternatively, you can use BB cream followed by a compact foundation.

Concealer: to hide discolouration and minor flaws; don’t overdo it though if you want to avoid creases!

Sheer powder: to set the various layers of the base makeup.

Highlighter: was there ever a better occasion for it?! Apply it to the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, eyebrow arch and - if you so wish - even on your Cupid’s bow.

TIPS: Baking, oh yeah! This super-effective technique is designed to create powerful, long-lasting makeup.




Follow these three steps to find out how it works!

1. Apply the concealer in a triangle shape to the area around your lower eye contour. Dab off the excess using a blender.

2. Apply the powder, dabbing it onto the area where you applied the concealer. Do not blend, but leave the powder in place for 10-15 minutes.

3. Remove the excess using a powder brush, working from the centre of your face outwards.




It goes without saying that there’s no such thing as ‘standard’ makeup for all brides, because every one of us is unique! However, a good approach to finding inspiration is to look at the various options based on your hair and eye colours, as well as your skin undertones. If you have green eyes: go for a pale pink eyeshadow as your base and define your eye contour with a purple, mauve or burgundy pencil with a melting texture. Warm up your cheekbones using a blush with magenta tones. A pink matte lipstick, possibly something slightly vibrant, will be perfect for your lips.

TIPS: Eye makeup must always be flawless (it's the only makeup that shouldn’t have to be retouched). Therefore, when it comes to your lashes, make sure you choose a mascara with a volume-enhancing effect that is also waterproof (to cope with those tears of joy). If you have blonde or light-coloured hair, colour your eyebrows using a light pencil. This will add shape and depth to your eyes.





If you have brown eyes: start with a bold colour as this will enhance all the natural reflections of the iris (or even your hair if you have dark or brown hair) and use shades of dove-grey and light brown to create a smoky-eye look. Add a line of eyeliner as a final touch and lots of mascara. As you are blessed with warm, earthy colours, choose a sand-coloured blush and consider building it up with a few different shades. Give your lips a glossy finish to balance out the makeup.

TIPS: Set your makeup when you’ve finished and ask a bridesmaid or friend to put a survival kit in her handbag for you. The kit should include fixing spray, a lip pencil, the same lipstick that you are wearing on the day of the wedding and blotting papers. It will come in handy, just wait and see!





If you have blue eyes: make them stand out with ultra-fine makeup (a nude eyeshadow with an invisible effect), a thin eyeliner, mascara and single false lashes or natural-looking strip lashes. A creamy lipstick with a shiny finish will put your lips centre stage. Be bold with a full, rich shade like wine red or hot pink with hints of brown.

TIPS: Use a palette for contouring to softly reshape your features. Minimal makeup will emphasise your face shape even more, whether it is round or slender, so play with the effects of light and shade. Work the bronzer in figures of 3 on your face, starting at your temples and moving towards your chin to emphasise your eyes, cheekbones and lips. 




Hands: your hands will be on display just as much as your face and hair so they must be neat and flawless. After all, thanks to those wedding bands your hands will end up in the spotlight. Current ideas about bridal manicures vary. Some decide to match the colour of the nail polish with a detail of their outfit or with the shade chosen for the theme of the event, while others prefer to go for a completely natural effect with pink, nude, white or milky polishes. Of course some opt for the queen of manicures; the French tip

TIPS: You can make a statement with your nails by experimenting with contrasts. Apply a bright, glittery polish to the nail of your ring finger to make it stand out from the others (it will go nicely with that shiny wedding band ;-) ). 


It seems obvious but the point of any bridal makeup is the most noble and simple of all: to highlight your features and help you to be yourself - and the best possible version at that!. With this in mind, take care to avoid mistakes. Don’t try out excessively spectacular effects for the first time if you normally don’t wear much makeup and, above all, have quite a few practice runs. Even if you’ve fallen in love with that beauty look the celebrities are sporting or one you’ve come across online, always consider whether it’s suitable for you, your colouring and your personality. Lastly, whether you have big eyes to embellish, small eyes to emphasise or a complexion to perfect, remember to smile: you will be the most beautiful one there, no matter what! 

So what kind of bride will you be? What’s your favourite beauty idea and are you ready to try it?