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At KIKO, you’ll find everything you need for a perfect DIY manicure. Explore our range of nail scissors, toe separators and adhesive guides for the perfect French manicure.

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French manicure adhesive guides

french manicure guides

2 reviews
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Toe separator

toe separator

28 reviews

Steel clippers

cuticle nipper

8 reviews

Cuticle remover

cuticle trimmer

26 reviews

Professional nail scissors

nail scissors

14 reviews

With KIKO manicure products, taking care of your hands becomes easier.

Discover our self-adhesive guides, toe separators and our professional nail scissors: they will be your best allies to achieve a perfect manicure. Try also our nail nipper, our tools to cut the irritating cuticles with extreme precision.

For a flawless result, don’t forget to check all of our other hand care accessories.

But before you start your manicure, remember to remove your nail polish with the most suitable nail polish removers!