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Face Accessories

Apply your make-up with a foundation sponge and precision applicator. Take the day off with a konjac sponge and make-up remover cloth.

20 Results

Double mirror

double mirror

19 reviews

Kit of 4 mini sponges for foundation and concealer

mini precision blender kit

2 reviews

Reusable cotton make-up remover pads

make up remover cleansing pads

1 review

Konjac face sponge

green me konjac sponge

14 reviews

Soft face cleansing brush

cleansing brush

36 reviews

Cotton and bamboo face cloth for cleansing and removing make-up

face cleansing cloth

0 reviews

Puff powder applicator

powder puff

23 reviews

Cleansing sponges

cleansing sponges

27 reviews

Cleansing and exfoliating konjac sponge

charming escape escape konjac sponge

3 reviews
Special Offer

Sponge for liquid products

rectangular foundation sponge

10 reviews

Kit of sponges for applying foundations, highlighters and concealers

dolce diva blender kit

1 review
Not available
Special Offer

To best apply your makeup, you need specific tools. That’s why KIKO presents a wide range of face accessories for makeup, such as sponges, blenders for fluid and compact foundations, precision applicators and pads for a flawless result.

Face accessories are fundamental both to put your makeup on… and to take it off!

Discover all our cleansing sponges, designed for a delicate and effective cleansing.

After cleaning your skin, remember to always apply a face moisturiser.