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Three good reasons to learn how to apply eyeliner

If the mere thought of using eyeliner conjures up an image of disaster, you are not alone!

Many of us feel uncomfortable using fine brushes, liquid pencils and precision applicators. Yet no eye makeup is complete or perfect without this multitasking product. There are at least three good reasons for this:

1. it is essential for making your eyes take centre stage, whether you’re going for the cat eye or the timeless charm of 50s graphic lines.

2. it guarantees long-lasting hold, meaning you won’t be constantly touching it up during the day.

3. it allows you to create endless different styles: a thin, restrained line for the office, big upwards strokes for the evening, or coloured lines to make your eyes pop...

A tutorial for everlasting love: so how should you apply your eyeliner?
There are no strict rules on how to apply eyeliner but we have a few tricks up our sleeve for simple, painless application.

Trick #1: the dash

If you know you don't have a steady hand, it’s best not to draw a line all in one go: Instead, try drawing little dashes on your upper lash line, starting at the inner corner of your eye. Now you have your “reference points”, connect the dashes, taking care not to leave any gaps.

Trick #2: the sticky tape

Using sticky tape sounds like an urban myth but it’s actually one of the most useful tools around for achieving the coveted winged look. Apply the tape diagonally underneath your eye and draw a line, keeping the tip of the eyeliner as close to the edge of the tape as possible. Leave it to dry for a few moments then remove the tape... carefully! One last tip: masking tape is gentler on the skin and less sticky, so it can be removed in a flash with no fuss!

Trick #3: the concealer

If you notice one or two imperfections after applying your eyeliner, don’t despair and definitely do not reach for the makeup remover - you’ll undo all your good work! Instead, simply correct the mistake with a bit of concealer on a cotton wool bud (by the way: did you know that makeup artists use concealer, especially together with cotton wool buds, as a general makeup eraser - not just for eyeliner?). Wait for the eyeliner to dry first though!

Makeup with a happy ending: eyeliner errors to avoid
If, after applying your eyeliner, you notice that one line is thicker than the other, your first instinct is probably to add more to the thinner line. The problem is, unless you are very skilled, you risk making it heftier than needed. If you haven’t used any powder eye makeup, equip yourself with a cotton bud and use it to thin down the thicker line. You can also put some concealer on the cotton bud, as we mentioned earlier.

Another very common error is the direction that people draw the flick. When you’re following the shape of your eye with the eyeliner, the most automatic movement is to finish the line in a downward direction but the result is somewhat unexciting as it tends to make your eyes look more closed. To avoid this, when you draw the line, stop a little before the outer corner and then draw end of the line in an upwards direction.

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