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Take care of your skin with a KIKO face treatment. Explore our face masks, exfoliating scrubs, cleansing mousses, moisturisers and anti-wrinkle creams.

55 Results


Regenerating serum

skin trainer

50 reviews

Moisturising face cream

green me gentle face cream

5 reviews

Hydration face cream

smart hydrashot cream

108 reviews
Smart SkinCare

Purifying matte-finish gel cream

sebo balance cream

43 reviews
Smart SkinCare

Anti-bags and under-eye circles moisturising gel

smart hydra shot eye gel

27 reviews

Soothing gel face mask with prickly pear and aloe extracts

moisturizing jelly mask

0 reviews
Special Offer

Purifying matte-finish toner

sebo balance toner

48 reviews

Illuminating booster serum

smart glow drops

46 reviews
Smart SkinCare

Detoxifying booster serum

smart detox drops

56 reviews
Smart SkinCare

Energising booster serum

smart charge drops

54 reviews
Smart SkinCare

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