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How to apply face serum correctly

When it comes to skincare, we would like to see improvements as soon as possible. That's why it is important to choose products that will help your skin on different levels. 
Face serums are a MUST and they should be incorporated into your beauty routine. Here is why.

What is face serum and what does it do


Face serum is a treatment for your skin. It is important to add a serum to your skin routine because it will help improve your skin from within.

Every day we deal with agents that are not at all good for our skin but we don’t always notice them:
•    the sun could damage the skin, if you don’t use sunscreen
•    pollution has a negative impact as well and you can see dull and dehydrated skin
•    stress is also a skin enemy, leading to breakouts, clogged pores, and tired-looking skin

These are just a few of the many factors that are not skin-friendly.

Serums usually target specific concerns and this will help you choose which treatment is best for your skin type. Start by understanding whether you have oily, dry, combination, or sensitive skin, and then proceed by addressing your main issues. 

And don’t forget the eyes! The eye contour also needs a serum! 

So, what are the benefits of a face serum?

●    Brighter skin
●    Minimized blemishes 
●    Hydrated skin

These are reachable thanks to the serum’s ingredients! These are the main actors, the ones that will help improve your skin.

When to apply face serum

To fully benefit from the face serum, it’s best to use it daily
Depending on the serum you choose, you can either use it once or twice a day, when you wake up in the morning and before going to bed.

It is also important to follow a correct skin routine to be sure that your skin will absorb the face serum. Start light and build your way up. 

Face serums can be quite refreshing on the skin, they can be gel-based or have a liquid form, sometimes they can also have a watery formula, so you will want to layer it between the toner and the moisturizer. 

As a general guide a basic skin routine should follow these steps:

●    Cleanser
●    Toner
●    Serum
●    Eye cream
●    Moisturizer

The best way to apply a face serum is to tap it on with your fingers to help the skin fully absorb it. 

A little goes a long way! Start with a few drops on your cheeks and neck, one on the forehead (up to your hairline), and one on your chin, and add more if needed.

How to use face serum before makeup

One concern is whether or not the use of serum will negatively impact the way makeup sits on the skin. 
The answer is absolutely not. On the contrary, using the correct face serum will help with the outcome.

To get the best results when it comes to makeup, you must first start with the skin routine. Think of your face as a canvas, before painting you would like it to be clean and smooth.

Start by cleansing your skin to remove excess oil and free it from impurities. 
Once a week you can follow with a gentle face scrub to exfoliate your skin and remove dead cells. Now proceed with the toner, and when it dries you can massage the face serum into the skin. 

Its lightweight will make the skin absorb it very quickly without leaving any residue. Do not forget the moisturizer!

When your skin routine is complete, you can apply your makeup!

How to apply the serum on the face at night

As mentioned before, face serums should be applied at least once a day. 

While you are asleep, your face is more relaxed, so it is recommended to use a face serum also at night

To enjoy all the benefits, it is important to apply the serum on clean skin!
Remove your makeup and wash your face. Continue your skin routine with the toner and serum and finish with a moisturizer.

During the night, the face serum will have plenty of time to be properly absorbed by the skin so don’t forget to get enough beauty sleep!

At what age to start using a face serum

Often people wrongly associate the word serum with mature skin. In reality, face serums should be introduced in the skin routine when you are about 25 years old

The skin starts to mature in your late 20s / early 30s and this is why it is best to start using facial products such as face serums, to help prevent the appearance of fine lines and to brighten your skin.

Beauty Tips to get the most out of face serum

To get the most out of your face serum and to increase its effectiveness it is important to take a few simple precautions:

●    Use sunscreen with SPF and UVA protection
●    Drink enough water to help keep your body and skin hydrated

Well, now you know all about the face serum and when to apply it for the best possible results. What are you waiting for? Choose yours and start using the ideal cosmetic solution for well-hydrated skin at all ages.