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It's easy to say red lipstick, but what shade? KIKO offers you them all: burgundy, dark red, coral, cherry red... lots of shades and colours to highlight your smile with your all time favourite!

Check out the creamy texture for soft lips all day, or focus on a glossy finish to shine from morning to night.

KIKO’s red lipsticks are guaranteed a long life and great ease of application. To maximize the effect, remember to always apply a primer and outline the edges with a matching lip pencil .

Do you dream of full and luscious lips? Check out all the 3D effect lipsticks!

unlimited double touch 115

1,059 reviews

unlimited double touch 107

1,059 reviews

unlimited double touch 109

1,060 reviews

unlimited double touch 106

1,059 reviews

unlimited double touch 122

1,059 reviews

smart fusion lipstick 417

541 reviews