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Raise your hand if you’ve ever prepared for an important meeting, a formal occasion or maybe just a night out by typing the words “step by step guide to applying makeup” into a search engine.

We all know that applying makeup well is an art. Balancing your makeup in the different areas of your face, finding the right shades and choosing from a multitude of textures can seem daunting but with a few tips it’s easy to bring out your natural beauty!

Take a minute to learn a few golden rules and applying your makeup will soon become your new favourite activity, with no fear of making mistakes.

Tips for great face makeup: from the base to the fixer

First of all, remember to cleanse and exfoliate your skin regularly or your makeup won’t hold properly. Take care when choosing your foundation and primer to make sure they’re suited to your skin type. For flawless results, use the right accessories. A flat-tipped brush is ideal for applying almost any type of foundation flawlessly, with no risk of creating a patchy appearance.

To minimise blemishes and signs of tiredness, you’ll want to use some concealer, a matte powder and a blush to warm up your face. The best way to apply the blush is to stand in front of the mirror and smile with your lips closed, then move the brush in a sweeping movement, starting at the outer edges of your cheekbones and working towards the cheeks. Obviously, always try to go for a harmonious look and don’t overdo it with the blush or you may end up with a complexion that’s too bright.


Use powder and gentle makeup fixers to improve the hold of your face makeup and try using a suitable serum during the preparation stage: you’ll get even, smooth and radiant skin; the perfect base for any makeup (there are loads to choose from, depending on your skin type and the effect your want to achieve).

Tips for great eye makeup: more light without weighing you down

Go for eyeshadows with neutral shades (starting with something light for your inner eye and getting more intense as you go outwards) and apply them after using a suitable primer. Finish your look with mascara. For added sophistication and an intense finish, make your eyes appear longer using eyeliner, kajal and eye pencils in matte, pearly or glitter finishes.


For intense eyes and harmonious face makeup, it is essential to understand how to apply makeup to your eyebrows. Read our article to find out everything you need to know!

Tips for great lip makeup: kissable seduction

Lipstick, lip pencil and lip gloss: whichever you choose, make sure it’s always flawless. Keep your lips well moisturised and use a smoothing treatment to prevent your lipstick from cracking.

Your secret weapon? Lip pencil. Lip pencils are perfect for underlining the contours of your lips and making smudges a thing of the past. Have you tried “invisible” pencils? These create a colourless barrier that keeps lipstick and lip gloss perfectly contained within your lip contours.


If you’ve got thin lips, avoid dark colours. To make your lips look fuller, draw a contour with a lip pencil, following the natural line of your lips, then blend it inwards before applying your lipstick. To finish off, add a touch of gloss.

Want perfect makeup? That comes with experience but it’s easier if you start with the right tools. Have you got the “kit for applying good makeup”, which all true beauty addicts should have? Check out the KIKO website to complete your makeup case and discover our latest on-trend offerings for makeup to make you shine!

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