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Green eyes are hypnotic, fascinating and, above all, very rare. If you boast this amazing feature, you’re part of the (very lucky!) 2% of the world’s population, which includes a wealth of celebs.  You’ve got a precious gift that deserves to be flaunted with the best eye makeup: find out how!

Makeup for green eyes: you’re spoilt for choice!

Let’s start from the premise that makeup is not an exact science (it may have precise rules about shapes, colours and application but it’s up to you whether you follow them). The choice of hues, lines and shades also depends on your face shape, current trends and, above all, personal taste. However, we can pick out some guidelines as a starting point for enhancing those green eyes.

Opposites attract: eyeshadow and eyeliner colours that complement each other for green eyes.

Looking at the colour wheel, purple, violet, burgundy and red shades create a real contrast to make green eyes stand out and truly sparkle. That’s your green light to experiment with warm, reddish eyeshadows and palettes but take care not to overdo it!


Apply the eyeshadow to your eyelid, taking care not to blend too much and stopping before you get to the eyebrows, which may make the effect too heavy. To lengthen your eyes and make them completely alluring, apply some bronze, copper or gold eyeshadow as well but only to the inner corner.

Find harmony with your eyeliner

If you're looking for daytime makeup inspiration or if strong contrasts just aren’t your thing, you can opt instead for an eyeliner with a more harmonious colour. Green eyeliner is fine as long as you choose a highly-pigmented shade that is darker than your eyes, like emerald green or an intense olive shade. If you decide to go for a green eyeliner, apply it only to your upper lashes, and remember: the thicker the line the more dramatic the effect!


Sticky tape, reverse application, the spoon method... are you lost for new ideas when it comes to eyeliner? Don’t despair! The three dots are here to help you learn ways to apply eyeliner! Draw a dot on your upper lashes, near the inner corner of your eye, using the tip of the eyeliner. Next, draw one dot halfway along and one near the outer corner. Now simply connect the dots by drawing a single line... et voilà! All that remains is to reach for your favourite mascara - a neutral colour like black or brown is best - and you're all set.

Black is always a winner (even for green eyes)!

When it comes to colours and combinations, going for shades of black is almost always playing it safe. Black is perfect for dressing brown eyes and defining eye shapes and it is essential for masterfully creating smokey eyes. But every now and then, its good to be a bit more daring and with KIKO you can create the look you want every day! 

Get your makeup and your phone ready: take a photo of your look and share it using the hashtag #kikotrendsetters: take centre stage in the world of KIKO MILANO.