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Whether it's a girl's night, a special occasion or a romantic evening, the same rule applies: evening makeup requires a little more attention. To compete with the light of the stars, you simply have to enhance your best assets!
Depending on the occasion, your choices can be the most varied, ranging from metallic to nude makeup, from bon ton style to the most peculiar evening makeup tutorials: what's important is doing it with style and playing with your own strong points.


Perfect evening makeup? Start with the basics


Regardless of the style, evening makeup needs to be very well-finished, and that starts with the base. Be careful choosing foundation: the shade and application must be perfectly balanced to enhance the complexion and camouflage every blemish.
For a more sophisticated look, sculpt the volumes of the face: you can choose a simple sweep of blush or more defined contouring to accentuate tonal contrasts. As well as matte textures you can choose a shimmer finish – or a pearly effect – which will give you the iridescent reflections of a temptress.


How to choose eye makeup colours  


The eyes are the stars of evening makeup: two bold beacons in the night, with an intense and penetrating gaze. Among the most effective choices you have timeless smoky eyes, to be done with dark eyeshadows, or perhaps using warm earthy tones, and soft, easily blendable eye pencils.
Another classic for evening makeup is cat eyes, done with an eyeliner in black, blue or purple. Cat eyes will never go out of fashion, especially when combined with an eyeshadow with a strong personality: for example, you can always rely on a metallic blue, gold or bronze to make you feel like you're on the catwalk. Be careful not to overlook your eyebrows, and take advantage of a volume-enhancing effect to show off perfect lashes.


Minimal or bright red? Choose the best lipstick for you


You should choose a lipstick based on your eye makeup. If for example you've gone for intense smoky eyes, ideally you'll use subtle shades, such as a matte or shiny nude effect lipstick.
But what if you can't resist red lipsticks or dark shades? You can count on lacquer red or elegant burgundy, depending on your personality, your colours or the outfit that you've chosen. A lip pencil can help you better define your lip contour and improve the hold of the lipstick, provided it can be completely hidden.
Do you want to try a higher-impact look – with glittery-finish eyes for example? Choose a minimal lip look to let your eyes take centre stage, such as a nude lip gloss.