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Are you an eyeliner fan and love super-defined eye makeup? Thanks to increasingly sophisticated and easy-to-use applicators, creating a graphic look and widening your eyes is easy even for those who don't have the talents of a makeup artist.
There are even more colourful options now thanks to coloured eyeliners flanking classic black: it's time to be bold!

Want to play it safe? Choose brown eyeliner


If you like warm shades for your face makeup, go for brown, also ideal for refining dark and brown eyes and softening the gaze.
To make it a little bolder, outline it with a gold, bronze, rust or copper eyeliner: also perfect if you have light eyes or hazel eyes with golden flecks.
Compared to black, brown is more versatile and easily adapts to day makeup and more casual outfits. As for lipstick, the most recommended shades are pinks and neutrals.

Show your true colours with blue and green eyeliners


Do you want to be bold and experiment with a vibrant shade? One of the must-have colours is blue, with great personality and available in various shades that range from petrol to sky blue. Bear in mind that the latter is best used for a daytime look – in the office, for example – while electric blue is better for going out in the evening.
Something super seductive – especially for those with blue eyes – is green, ranging from more neutral shades such as olive green to the most daring, like emerald green. If you want to attract attention to your eyes, choose a subtle lipstick as well, and avoid outfits that are too colourful.

Spark creativity with coloured eyeliners: purple & co.


Do you usually associate colours like purple and burgundy with lip makeup? Widen your horizons: if you want to try out an alternative shade you can opt for purple for example, suitable for both light eyes and dark or hazel eyes.

Can't give up your classic black eyeliner?


Cat eyes will never go out of fashion and a classic black eyeliner is an essential in your makeup case. Use it to create the typical flick at the outer corner, and try increasing the thickness if you want a bolder look.
Perfect the line based on the shape of your eyes (if they're round, for example, start in the centre to lengthen the silhouette). In any case, favour long-lasting products so you don't have to make continuous touch-ups.
If you want a makeup look for a big night out, a black eye pencil or eyeliner is ideal, especially combined with a bold outfit. Black can be used for anything, but you'll get maximum effect with a red lipstick.

Trust a KIKO eyeliner pen to simplify application and achieve maximum precision. You can also rely on water-resistant liquid formulas and a vast palette to satisfy all your desires. The comfortable application and new shades – such as sophisticated intense green – will amaze you!