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Can make-up go in your hand luggage?

Here we go: boarding pass ready, phone charged, camera in your backpack, an outfit picked out for every occasion and... make-up? Come on, tell us: how many times have you wondered if you can carry your beloved make-up in your hand luggage?  
For some years now, airport regulations on liquids carried in hand luggage have become very restrictive, and you often can’t take all your beauty products with you. 
Go grab your beloved beauty case and don't be afraid that you’ll have to leave it behind at the airport. If you’re about to leave on a plane trip, you’ll find this guide very useful indeed.

General rules on liquids on aeroplanes


Let's start by saying that there’s no need to fear, because make-up is allowed as well as some other products in small quantities. 
In fact, regulations stipulate that each passenger may carry a maximum of 10 containers of liquid, none of which may exceed 100 ml. 
But take note! You can't carry a container larger than 100 ml even if it has less than 100 ml of product inside. Security controls on these types of items are strict, and you run the risk of airport officials confiscating anything that does not meet the standards. Get yourself a handy standard-sized travel bottle and leave for your trip with complete peace of mind.
The containers must be enclosed in a clear bag and placed in a tray at the security checkpoint. The clear bag can measure no more than 20 x 20 cm and must be completely sealed.
By observing these simple rules, you will be able to breeze through security controls and fly safely with your products. Don't underestimate the regulations for carrying liquids and beauty products on board, especially if you plan to fly with a low-cost airline. You don't want to take unnecessary risks with your look, do you? So before check-in and departure, make sure to check the website of the airline you will be flying with.

Be careful not to exceed the limit of 10 liquid products (which includes toothpaste, hairspray, body wash, hair gel, shampoo, perfume, deodorant, etc.). Determine what you will need and carefully choose what to take on the plane!

What make-up can you put in your hand luggage?


You'll have no problem with powder or solid make-up such as powder, blush, palettes, eyeshadows and pencils. 
As for liquid products, you'll have to put them (as mentioned) in a clear bag, making sure you don't exceed the limit of 10 containers of 100 ml each. So you can put your liquid eyeliner, primer, foundation, mascara and face creams in the clear bag. 
To take the products you love along with you, getting some travel bottles and containers are an absolute must before you leave on your trip. It may be that the packaging of a particular cream is larger than 100 ml or that you don't want to carry the whole bottle for convenience. In this case, take the amount of product you need for your trip and transfer it to one of the practical travel containers or bottles. In this way, you’ll travel with a lighter load and complete peace of mind!
Some travel-sized KIKO Milano products you can buy are:
•    Tubes
•    Pots
•    Bottles

Lipstick in your hand luggage
As for lipstick, if it's solid, you can put it in your normal make-up bag; but if it's a liquid lipstick, you should put it in the clear bag with all your other liquids.
Any liquid lipstick will never exceed the 100 ml limit, so don't worry and throw it in your liquids bag.

Mascara in your hand luggage
The same rule applies to mascara: if you carry it in your hand luggage, it must be placed in the clear bag.
Mascara is another product that in itself never exceeds the infamous 100 ml limit, so there's no need to worry about its packaging.

Foundation in your hand luggage
KIKO Milano foundations are all in hand luggage-compliant packaging, so you don't have to worry and can safely put them in the clear bag for liquids.

Face cream
When travelling, especially for many hours on a plane, it's essential that you take care of your skin, as it's subjected to changes in temperature. This is why a good cream becomes essential. But which one can you bring through security?
All KIKO Milano face creams and moisturisers come in hand luggage-compliant packaging: convenient for all your trips because you won't have to transfer the cream into other containers!

Nail scissors, tweezers and hair straighteners
If you don't want to give up styling your hair when travelling, especially if you’re leaving for important business, rest assured you can conveniently bring your hair straighteners and accessories in the cabin. Remember, however, that electronic products, such hair straighteners, must be placed in a tray at the security checkpoint. 
As for tweezers, nail scissors, or disposable razor blades, be aware that they will most likely be confiscated. Unfortunately, they are considered blunt weapons, which is why we recommend that you pack all these beauty tools in your checked baggage.

Sheet masks on the plane
The latest trend for air travellers is applying a sheet mask during the flight or wearing comfortable eye patches to counteract skin dryness caused by the pressurised air that passengers breathe on the plane. 
If you also want to follow the latest trend, bring your sheet mask into the cabin and enjoy a totally relaxing journey in the sky.


Now that you've learned which liquids you can take with you on board, you no longer have to worry about leaving your beloved make-up at home. All you have to do is enjoy your holiday. Safe travels!