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60s vibes? Get inspired by KIKO and give yourself a timeless 60s makeup look!

There are some fashion and makeup trends that are destined to be fleeting, and then there are those timeless looks, that stand the test of time and stay current, like 60s makeup. This iconic look is still in vogue and is much sought after by today's popstars, actresses and models. From the moon landing to pop culture, miniskirts, trapeze dresses and backcombed hairstyles: discover the glamorous side of one of the most revolutionary decades ever and transform yourself into Twiggy 2.0 with the next #GETTHELOOK!

“Doll-effect” nude makeup

“Doll-effect” nude makeup

Creating a makeup look inspired by the atmosphere of swinging London isn’t difficult at all, and the result is guaranteed to wow. Not only is it perfect for a themed party or a special evening out but also to feel slightly retro and incredibly sophisticated, with all those pastel colours and dramatic, accentuated lashes. Immerse yourself in the era of change and use it to inspire your look: face makeup

The aim of this first step is to even out the skin tone and create a porcelain doll complexion.

So, let’s begin!

1 HYDRATE: we spend hours in the gym to get that perfect figure (although if you ask us, there’s no such thing: you’re already perfect just as you are :) ), but your skin? It may seem strange, but the right regime can also be useful for your complexion. Try a multi-action face serum, whatever your age: it hydrates, primes and smooths in just one step.

2 EVEN OUT: choose a “smart”, compact dual-action wet & dry foundation. The enveloping and comfortable texture will help to even out the complexion for a flawless natural finish.

3 FIX: you don’t really feel like you’re in the legendary 60s without some hair spray, right? Well, to make your makeup last longer, always use a fixing spray (plus, you’ll get that feeling of freshness whenever you reapply!).

4 ADD A TOUCH OF COLOUR: it’s time for the cherry on top, blush. Too often underestimated, used well blush has the superpower to instantly revitalise your complexion (we’ll come to some hints and tips very soon).

TIPS: Healthy glow, please! Some doubts can arise on the subject of blush, especially if a not-so-stylish look with two clown-red cheeks immediately springs to mind. To avoid this epic fail, here are a couple of application tips:

With a sponge or blush brush (the amount of product makes all the difference so the right tools for the job are essential) apply the blush in natural light, for a more natural look;

Apply powder before blush, this will prevent the blush mixing with your foundation during application and allow you to build up the colour more easily.

The focus is on the eyes: do you know what the cat-eye is?

The focus is on the eyes: do you know what the cat-eye is?

The eyes are the main focus of this 60s look, and the good news is that this style suits any eye shape or size. What makes this look unique and recognisable is the combination of elements and makeup techniques that everyone knows and loves and that characterise this specific period: white pencil on the waterline, dramatic lashes, pink lips, thick, defined eyebrows, geometric makeup and the classic defined crease. But there’s more! Do you know the cat-eye for example? If the answer is no, let us explain how to create one in a flash.

TIPS: It is one of the most classic and (if you have a bit of patience and dexterity) simple techniques to take your eyes up a gear and make them appear elongated and more feline.

1 Choose a gel eyeliner - or a pen or dual-use pencil - in your preferred colour (dare to be bold, there’s a whole other world other than black) and an eyeliner brush;

2 Draw a line along the lid (following the lash line), and extend it up and out.

3 Control the thickness of the line and flick: you can elongate the flick outwards for an evening look or do a small flick for a feminine and wearable daytime look.

Crease liner and geometric details

Crease liner and geometric details

Now that the cat-eye is no longer a mystery, you can advance to the pro level and play with geometry. The other beauty legacy of the turbulent sixties is the crease liner or cut crease, that, like the cat-eye, uses eyeliner or eyeshadow but in this case, to draw a line along the crease. Don’t forget the lower lash line: use a white pencil to make your eyes appear bigger and eyeliner (or a precision pencil) to elongate it outwards.

TIPS: Use coloured, full eyeshadows for a bolder look. Cover the eyelid up to the inside corner of the eye. If you want to, you can join the inner and outer corners of the eye with a line along the crease (as if you were drawing a droplet, for instance).

False or spider lashes?

False or spider lashes?

A special mention goes to sixties eyelashes for which a single rule applies: exaggerate! It doesn’t matter whether you’re fan of fake lashes, as there are ways to make them appear immediately bigger and accentuate them without those little props.

TIPS: Draw them, especially your lower lashes! Take a liquid eyeliner and a small brush and begin, very carefully, from the lower lash line, to draw small downward strokes to recreate and highlight the lashes. But, pay attention: we don't know why, but it seems that eyeliner can sense nerves and tends to smudge right when you’re adding the final touches.

Use mascara, forgetting all the golden rules that you surely already know (zigzag motion, don’t let the first coat dry before you apply the second, etc.) and apply it like so: first, direct the lashes to the right with the brush and then do the same to the left, but don't rush. At this point, your lashes should be more or less clumpy and... ta daaa! You now have the famous spider effect that so suits this vintage look. Pale, pop lips for a 60s makeup look

Sixties lips are all shades of pink and peach. Abandon bold shades of lipstick (at least until the next decade ;) ) and choose a gloss finish to add a touch of radiance and modernity to the face.

TIPS: If you have a truly pop spirit (if so, we know you’re going to love this look), you can experiment with your lip colour by choosing two different shades: one for the upper lip and another for the lower. Pink and orange, gentle coral and fuchsia... there's no limit to the imagination!

Let yourself be seduced by the 60s vibes

Let yourself be seduced by the 60s vibes

Now, do the following, put on some themed music and let yourself be seduced by 60s vibes: breathe in the feeling of freedom and change, and unleash the diva within.

Because, after all, what is makeup for if not to help you feel instantly fabulous and completely yourself?

And yes, we know you’re already in front of the mirror singing and experimenting.

Get your makeup and your phone ready: take a photo of your look and share it using the hashtag #kikotrendsetters: take centre stage in the world of KIKO MILANO.