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recreate the Obscure Night Look in a few steps

Move the arrows and follow the suggestions of the make-up artist to recreate, in a few steps, your Halloween Look.


step 1

Cover your eyebrows by dabbing them with Full Coverage Concealer. Comb the eyebrow hair using Brush Eyes 205 to distribute the product. Repeat the application if necessary for even coverage.
Set concealer by blending Soft Light Powder with Brush Face 102.


step 2

Apply Infinity Eyeshadow 273 (Mat Light Sky Blue) with Brush Face 102 along the temples and cheekbones, blending the colour towards the center of the face.


step 3

Blend Infinity Eyeshadow 295 (Mat Intense Black) under the cheekbone with Brush Face 103.


step 4

Using Automatic Precison Eyeliner and Khôl 716 (Black), draw:
- a curved line (A) starting from the inner corner of the eye up to the outer corner of the forehead
- a v-shaped line (B) with the top meeting the corner of the eyebrow
- a v-shaped line (C) in the outer corner of the eye.


step 5

Moisten Brush Eyes 204 and apply InfInity Eyeshadow 295 (Mat Intense Black) along the contours of lines B and C and under the eye, creating jagged lines.


step 6

Moisten Brush Eyes 203 and apply InfInity Eyeshadow 295 (Mat Intense Black) inside the design outline.


step 7

Apply Kajal to the inner eyelash line.