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The next Spring-Summer season is already here with multicoloured beauty looks, inspired by the world and art of Viennese ceramicist Vally Wieselthier, and created by Benjamin Puckey, Head Makeup Artist for Arthur Arbesser. 
Lots of colours mixed together like on a colour palette, contrasting or matching shades, in line with the free, feminine and independent feel of the collection. 
Discover more about how to create this runway look in just a few steps!

The makeup of artists

The skin has a veil of foundation and becomes the perfect canvas to showcase the collection on the key areas of the face: the eyes for some outfits and the lips for others, but never both together. Choose the shade of SKIN TONE FOUNDATION that best suits your complexion and with a specific foundation brush or a blender, apply it to your face.

Imagine an artist taking the colour with their fingertips and skilfully mixing and blending it on the eyelids and straight away you’ll have a realistic vision of the eye looks created at the fashion show.
 -To reproduce the brush-stroke effect of the colour, use one of your favourite shades from the SMART CULT EYESHADOW PALETTE and apply it to the eyelid and beyond the outer corner of the eye, without focusing too much on the outline and the definition of the makeup. 
 -On the inner corner of the eye, use another shade to bring your makeup to life and, still using the brush, apply it halfway along the eyelid, as if you were painting. 
 -Complete the eye look with ULTRA TECH + VOLUME AND DEFINITION MASCARA, applying it to the upper lashes only.

Comb the wrong way, and define with a specific eyebrow kit, to achieve a natural yet high-impact effect. 
Use EYEBROW EXPERT PALETTE and set them with EYEBROW DESIGNER transparent eyebrow gel.

Undefined, ceramic, true-to-life, real-life, free, genuine: lip makeup really seems to be hand-crafted, with an imprecise coat of colour. Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick #309 comes alive and transforms the lips without submitting to the accepted rules of ultra-definition. Lightweight and fluid makeup, for timeless and ethereal beauty.


The inspiration and mood of the look 
"The makeup is not precise and is applied based on the mood, with no fear of playing with colour"
Benjamin Puckey, Head Make Up Artist