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Blue eyes can be as clear as ice, as bright as a cloudless sky or deep as the ocean. Whatever your shade - from aquamarine to bold blue - you know by now that even sky blue eyes must be dressed and enhanced in the right way to achieve a truly intense look. It’s not always that easy though, especially if you're looking for a more inspiring look (look beyond the usual blue pencil!)

Here are a few tips to help you achieve the best eye makeup for blue eyes!

Makeup for blue eyes: the right colours

As makeup addicts are well aware, colours that enhance the natural shades of the iris are the opposite ones on the colour wheel. So, to dress blue eyes, the best approach is to go for warm tones, in other words reds, oranges and yellows. This creates a strong contrast, adding real intensity to your eyes. Of course, these are colours that give you an extreme look! If you prefer a less explosive effect, go for more neutral colours that are as pigmented as those warm shades.

You can choose cold colours instead (also ideal makeup for brown eyes) for a more harmonious effect with less of a contrast. Remember, if you opt for cold colours, black eyeliner is essential for adding depth to your eyes.

There is room, also, for copper and gold shades that light up blue eyes like precious stones.

The perfect eye primer for blue eye makeup

Eye primer is the best tool for perfect blue eye makeup. Though people often neglect it, this product is, in fact, essential for ensuring that makeup holds well and needs no touch-ups.

Choose one with highlighting properties to give your eyes extra shine.

Which eyeshadows and palettes should you choose?

So, how to do eye makeup for blue eyes? Keep in mind the colour rules that we mentioned earlier and choose warm or cold eye palettes depending on whether you want a contrasting or more neutral look.

Don’t hesitate to go for gold and metallic eyeshadows with glittery shades. Purple can also be a winning choice, as it combines a cold base with reddish tones.

Eyeliner for blue eyes makeup

As we mentioned above, eyeliner is essential for adding intensity to blue eyes. It frames the eyes and gives them a three-dimensional appearance. If you have blue eyes, go for black, blue or gold eyeliner.

Techniques for perfect makeup

When it comes to makeup techniques, the cat eye is certainly one of the best ways of enhancing blue eyes. To do this, draw a long line using eyeliner (you can also create a cat eye without eyeliner using colour in an elongated shape from the eye towards the temple). Draw a thin or a thick line, as you wish, and finish it with a pointed tail. This is a good way of framing and adding depth to cerulean blue eyes. For a softer, smokier effect, do this using a pencil.

Does the smokey eye effect work on blue eyes though? Well, yes and no. In fact, it is perfect for enhancing the colours of the iris when carefully balanced and used with classic black tones but it tends to close the eyes if it is too heavy and used with green.

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