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The Royal Duo - Collezione Luxurious KIKO Milano

The woman in the Luxurious collection always has a regal complexion. Out of all the treasures of her reign, she cannot live without the illuminating bronzer, enriched with a mix of precious stones, and the kabuki face brush.

To achieve a flawless complexion with the Precious Illuminating Bronzer and Luxurious Face Brush just draw a "3" on the facial skin.

The Royal Duo - Collezione Luxurious KIKO Milano

Pick up the illuminating bronzer with the kabuki Luxurious Face Brush making circular motions so as to blend the different tones together.

Apply the bronzer by drawing a "3" along the contours of the face, moving the brush from the center of the forehead towards the temples, working towards the cheekbones and reaching the jawline before blending on the neck. Repeat on process on the other half of the face.