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• Prepare your face for make-up by applying the Cocoa Revitalising Face Mask and then, once removed, the Radiance Boost Serum Face Base to cleansed skin.
• Choose the shade of Instamoisture Foundation that best suits your skin tone to even out the complexion.
• Camouflage imperfections by dabbing on and thoroughly blending out the shade of Skin Tone Concealer that best suits your skin tone.
• Sculpt the face by applying and blending the Flawless Fusion Bronzer Powder with the kabuki brush, which is designed for powder products.
• Apply and blend the Duo Cocoa Blush 01 to emphasise the centre of your cheekbones, then use the Duo Cocoa Highlighter on the upper part.



• First of all, apply the Neutral Eye Base to the eyelids.
• Apply and blend the beige matte eyeshadow from the Guilty Pleasure Eyeshadow Palette onto the upper eyelid.
• Apply the lightest brown eyeshadow from the Guilty Pleasure Eyeshadow Palette to the inner corner of the eye. Blend with delicate movements onto the upper eyelid, the centre of the eyelid and the lash line.
• Then apply the mauve eyeshadow in the Guilty Pleasure Eyeshadow Palette to the upper eyelid (on the crease of the eyelid to be precise) and blend it towards the outer corner of your eye with delicate movements.
• Draw a subtle and thin line on the upper lash line with Eyeliner Duo 02. Use the Kajal Eye Pencil to draw a highly pigmented line at the outer end of the lower lash line.
• Apply the All In One Mascara & Eyeliner to enhance your lashes.



• Prepare your lips for make-up with the special Cocoa Lip Scrub. 
• Apply the So Delicious Duo Lips 04 lipstick.