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Clinically proven to moisturise the skin


Discover a selection of must-have products for flawless, healthy-looking skin especially for you.

- Explore the Smart Skincare range - practical and essential products for all skin types: moisturising made smart.
- Give yourself an at-home spa treatment with our Clay Masks. Choose black, pink or yellow clay depending on your skin’s needs.
- For super soft hands, rediscover the Intensive Hand Cream with moisturising and protective properties.

But we’d also like to introduce you to some new products!

1. Skincare Discovery Kit: three must-have products in mini format that can be carried with you in your handbag or suitcase.
-    Bi-phase micellar water: for cleansing and removing make-up
-    Hydrashot face cream: to moisturise and regenerate the skin
-    Hydrashot eye gel: to combat bags and under-eye circles

2. Purifying Mask with a pearlescent texture, enriched with rosehip

3. An elegant and colourful make-up bag to keep your products organised and with you at all times