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Sponge for the application of fluid and compact foundations

make up blender

112 reviews
Special Offer  

Sponge for the application of fluid and compact foundations

make up blender

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112 reviews

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Sponge for the application of fluid and compact foundations.


Soft to the touch, the sponge allows for easy and effective application. The special porous texture absorbs the ideal amount of product and releases it evenly on the skin. Make Up Blender applies foundation and concealer flawlessly without blotches or streaks.


Foundation is applied quickly and easily, ideal when you're pressed for time. Whether using fluid or compact foundation, the result is an even-looking finish. The unique shape, which is rounded on one end and pointed on the other, allows different results to be achieved.


The pointed end allows you to:

- apply foundation and concealer in difficult-to-reach areas such as around the nose, lips, eyes and eyebrows before applying foundation to the rest of the face.

- cover skin imperfections naturally and accurately

- create a graphic look and outline the eye make-up

- easily define the nose and cheekbones

- apply liquid and cream highlighters


 The rounded end allows you to:

- apply foundation easily in the large areas of the face such as the forehead, cheeks and jaw

- achieve an even-looking and professional base in a few steps

- apply liquid and cream blushes

- easily define the forehead and jaw


 Make Up Blender is latex free.

An even-looking complexion without blotches or streaks. The colour is uniform even in the most critical areas such as around the eyes and nose. The effect is adjustable.

Fluid and compact cream foundations.

For a light effect: with fluid foundation, use the pointed end of the sponge to apply a small amount of product and blend it onto the face by rotating the Make Up Blender. With compact cream foundation, dab the sponge gently on the face. This creates even-looking skin.

For a natural effect: dab the foundation onto the face with the rounded end and blend it using circular motions from top to bottom and from the inside to the outside.

For a buildable effect: blend the foundation onto the face and let it dry. Reapply but this time dab it on.


Compact and loose powder foundations.

For a light and natural effect: using the round end, blend the foundation in a circular motion.

For a buildable effect*: moisten the sponge and apply the foundation moving from the inside to the outside and from top to bottom.


 *for wet & dry formulas only

After each use, wash the sponge with warm water and mild soap, squeeze it to remove any excess water and let it air dry.



Natural blendable

Easily to blend with.


Natural blendable

Easily to blend with.


Great blender

The first time I’ve purchased a blender and I prefer it to a brush now.


Great product

Although I was a bit sceptic about buying a make up blender from Kiko, it is actually very good! Definitely recommend!


Just Good

The sponge is ok, but it absorbs a lot of the product you put on...



The sponge's ok, it blends but absorbs a lot of makeup!


pele impecável

com a utilização da esponja a pele fica impecável



La uso per tutto, sia per applicare il correttore, sia per sfumare prodotti in polvere, come il blush, quando magari ne applico troppo. Da avere!


Prodotto buono

Ho acquistato questo blender in offerta. Il prodotto e' valido ma per i miei gusti un po' troppo rigido. Avrei preferito fosse piu' morbido. Inoltre dopo 2 lavaggi si e' rotto.



Facile utilisation. Tres pratique


La base d'un joli teint

L'application du fond de teint se fait très bien avec ce beauty blender. Seul bémol, le côté pointu est encore un peu trop gros à mon goût pour permettre de blender correctement l'anti cernes


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Sponge for the application of fluid and compact foundations - Make Up Blender - KIKO MILANO

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