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Store Manager

The leader in store
They ensure the best customer in-store experience; they are responsible for organising the store’s activity, ensuring the appropriate management of products and the brand image.
They also coordinate the team and helps them to develop.
They are the best salespeople in store because they lead by example.

Sales Assistant

They are our performers in store
They help our customers to discover themselves through the store.
They offer them make-up tips and suggest the products that best suit their individual needs.
They work together with the Store Manager to deliver the best in-store experience.

Make Up Artist

They are there to stimulate in-store sales through animation.
They make it fun for the customers and the other colleagues in store.
They are responsible for helping customers to enjoy KIKO colours, personalise their make-up, showing product potential and benefits.

Customer Experience Trainer

They set the scenery.
They ensure that the brand offers the best customer shopping experience.
They continuously train the team on products and how to apply them, teach sales techniques and customer service.
They work together with the Store Manager on defining store strategies.