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Looking for a striking red lipstick or a nude, more natural shade? At KIKO, you’ll find liquid, waterproof, creamy and transfer-free lipsticks.

44 Results

Glossy lipstick

jelly stylo

277 reviews
Special Offer  

Matte liquid lipstick

instant colour matte liquid lip colour

636 reviews
BEST IN EUROPE Special Offer  

Demi-matte mini lipstick

mini lipstick

125 reviews
Special Offer  

Metallic liquid lipstick

metal liquid lip colour

123 reviews
sparkle up Special Offer  

Extreme comfort matte lipstick

green me matte lipstick

27 reviews
Special Offer  

hydra shiny lip stylo

26 reviews
Special Offer  

Lightweight lipstick

powder power lipstick

37 reviews
Special Offer  
Special Offer  

lost in amalfi lasting matte lip colour

25 reviews
Special Offer  

holiday gems lasting luxury matte lipstick

26 reviews
Special Offer  

ray of love long lasting lip stylo

4 reviews
Special Offer  

Long-lasting lipstick

dolce diva long lasting lip colour

12 reviews
Special Offer  

Dark, light, shiny or matte? Find your KIKO lipstick among hundreds of options: choose a volumising lipstick for irresistible lips, try a nude lip gloss for a more natural look, or have some fun and switch up shades every morning.

Apply lip primer for a flawless finish, and choose the matching lip pencil for a super defined outline. And at the end of the day, don't forget to remove your lipstick with our dedicated makeup removers!