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KIKO offers a wide range of products to enhance and plump up your lips. Browse our lipstick, lip colour and pencil ranges.

51 Results


How to apply makeup to your lips to enhance them: there's a KIKO beauty suggestion for every shape and need..

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Liquid lipstick

unlimited double touch

1,103 reviews

new happy birthday unlimited double touch

2 reviews

Extreme comfort matte lipstick

green me matte lipstick

28 reviews

Matte Lip Mousse

a holiday fable eternal matte lip mousse

9 reviews

Super sparkly metallic lipstick

a holiday fable enchanting lipstick

19 reviews

No transfer lip marker

long lasting colour lip marker

469 reviews

Glossy lipstick

glossy dream sheer lipstick

138 reviews

Lightweight lipstick

powder power lipstick

40 reviews

Matte liquid lipstick

instant colour matte liquid lip colour

639 reviews

Creamy lipstick

unlimited stylo

450 reviews

pH-reacting glow lipstick

ph glow lipstick

8 reviews

Moisturising lipstick

hydra shiny lip stylo

27 reviews

Smoothing lip base

nude blur lip base

171 reviews

Wet look finish glossy lipstick

jelly stylo

284 reviews

Softening lip gloss

3d hydra lipgloss

611 reviews

Metallic liquid lipstick

metal liquid lip colour

124 reviews
sparkle up

festival glow no transfer matte lipstick

3 reviews
Special Offer

Automatic lip pencil

everlasting colour precision lip liner

168 reviews

Wet-look lip gloss

creamy lipgloss

134 reviews

2-in-1 lipstick and blush with sunflower seed and apple oil

green me lips & cheeks colour - edition 2022

2 reviews
Special Offer

new creamy colour comfort lip liner

0 reviews

On-the-go pencil lip gloss that's easy to apply

smart fusion creamy lip crayon

2 reviews

On-the-go pencil lip gloss

smart fusion matte lip crayon

3 reviews

Draw every gaze to your smile with lipsticks, glosses, pencils and lip care products from KIKO MILANO. Matte, creamy, metallic, glitter or glossy: there’s a lip product for everyone.