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Choose a KIKO eyeshadow to bring out your brown, green or blue eyes. Browse our cream and powder eye shadows and palettes.

28 Results

Blendable eyeshadow palette

cult colours eyeshadow palette

0 reviews

Eyeshadow palette with 10 shades of various finishes. Double-ended applicator included

soft nude eyeshadow palette

3 reviews

Palette with 9 multi-finish eyeshadows

green me eyeshadow palette

76 reviews

Palette with 9 eyeshadows in different finishes

glamour multi finish eyeshadow palette

8 reviews

Palette with four baked eyeshadows for wet and dry use

bright quartet eyeshadow palette

4 reviews

Instant colour eyeshadow

water eyeshadow

718 reviews

Glitter eyeshadow

glitter shower eyeshadow

150 reviews
sparkle up

new bright duo eyeshadow

2 reviews

Long-lasting liquid eyeshadow

long lasting liquid eyeshadow

3 reviews

Automatic eye pencil

lasting precision automatic eyeliner and kh么l

259 reviews

Two-tone double eyeshadow pencil

double eyeshadow chubby

0 reviews
Special Offer

Long-lasting highly pigmented eyeshadow

high pigment eyeshadow

7 reviews
Special Offer

Palette with 6 multi-finish eyeshadows

my mini eyeshadow palette

3 reviews
Special Offer
Special Offer

Baked eyeshadow duo

bright duo baked eyeshadow

185 reviews
Special Offer

Brightly coloured eyeshadow

smart colour eyeshadow

362 reviews

Compact eyeshadow with pomegranate extract

green me eyeshadow - edition 2022

0 reviews
Special Offer

Long-lasting mousse eyeshadow

lasting mousse eyeshadow

3 reviews
Special Offer

Extreme hold eyeshadow stick

long lasting eyeshadow stick

1,026 reviews
Special Offer

Now you can give your eyes a new light every day with KIKO eyeshadows! For a daytime makeup look, choose a cream or gel eyeshadow for fast application, a powder eyeshadow to play with shades, or dare to be bold with a matte finish eyeshadow.

And for those special nights, discover our vast range of shiny, glossy and pearly eyeshadows for a magnetic look, combined with an extra volumising mascara and a lipstick in the same shade.