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Enhance the shape and colour of your brows with KIKO. Add volume and body with a professional pencil, brow kit, palette and mascara.

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Once upon a time they were very thin, drawn with one single line and arched for a dramatic look. Then came the gull wing period..

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Multi-purpose eyebrow pencil

eyebrow multitasker 3-in-1

8 reviews
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Automatic eyebrow pencil with a fine tip for maximum precision

micro precision eyebrow pencil

1 review
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Automatic eyebrow pencil

eyebrow sculpt automatic pencil

350 reviews
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Eyebrow gel

lasting eyebrow gel

105 reviews
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Eyebrow fixing gel with satin finish

eyebrow designer gel mascara

14 reviews
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eyebrow fibers coloured mascara

7 reviews
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Eyebrow pencil

precision eyebrow pencil

789 reviews
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Coloured eyebrow mascara with wheat bran

green me eyebrow mascara - edition 2022

0 reviews
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Full and accentuated lashes, eyelids adorned with light, glitter, cream and powder eyeshadows, eyeliner for a defined or retro makeup look and iconic eyebrows: make your eyes shine with KIKO MILANO eye makeup.