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Do you want to make your eyes pop? Do you want to learn how to apply eyeliner without smudges?

Here’s a video tutorial you must watch and rewatch! Practice and achieve perfect flicks and even strokes with the right products by following the basic steps.


Draw a thin line on the upper eyelid right next to the lash line. If you are worried you don’t have a steady hand, you can draw little dots or micro strokes which can then be joined together to form a single line.


Finish the line and extend it outwards towards the temples. With an eye brush, define the line so it is as thin as you like.


Now move on to your lower eye contour. Apply gel mascara with a mascara brush to intensify your eyes. Go from the outside to the inner corner without getting any product in the eye.


Blend the bottom line with an eye brush so that the line is not too sharp.