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What is micellar water and how to use it

When it comes to cleansing our skin, we want to make sure we get the job done right. Whether we are taking our time or we are in a hurry, we want to be certain that dirt, excess oil, and makeup are well removed. 

Thanks to its composition, micellar water is a great skin ally!

What is micellar water and what does it do

Gentle and light, micellar water is a fast and effective way to cleanse your face. 

It’s a water-based formula made up of micelles, small spheres that are attracted to water at one end and impurities at the other. 
This allows them to incorporate dirt, impurities, and makeup residue leaving the skin looking clear and feeling fresh and clean.

How to use micellar water

Micellar water is very easy to use, all you are going to need is a cotton pad
You can use it daily, in the morning when you wake up to remove excess oil or impurities, and you can use it at night since it wipes off your makeup and it removes dirt caused by pollution.

The first step is to pour a small amount of micellar water on a clean cotton pad. It doesn’t have to be completely soaked, but enough to wipe your whole face and neck. 
Remember: you can always add more!

The second step consists of gently rubbing the cotton pad on your face moving in a circular, upward motion. 

Quick tip: always use this motion when applying skin products, lifting up, not pulling down. 

The eye area is very delicate and you should always be gentle when applying products. The best way to use micellar water on the eyes is to moisten a cotton pad and lightly press the eyelid for about a minute.
Eye makeup, including waterproof mascara, will start coming off and this will ease the makeup removal process without needing to wipe harshly.

What are micellar water's benefits?

Micellar water’s benefits go beyond the formula itself. 

An advantage of micellar water is that it’s easy to use since the only thing you need is a cotton pad.  
This makes it a great solution for when you are traveling or simply when you are away from home since it won’t take much space in your bag.
You don’t need to rinse micellar water so you can use it anywhere at any time.

Furthermore, being a gentle cleansing product, micellar water is suitable for every skin type. 

Of course, it would be preferable to choose the right product to include in your beauty routine. 
If you have dry or delicate skin, try the delicate micellar water, it has a light texture and leaves the face skin feeling soft.

If you have normal to combination skin, prefer the purifying micellar water: this product will be a great fit without leaving the skin feeling heavy.

Micellar water vs toner: which is the difference?

Sometimes, there is some confusion when it comes to micellar water and toner

Although they may look the same because of their watery formula or because of the similar container they are bottled in, micellar water and toner are two very different products.

Micellar water is part of the cleansing step, it will remove dirt and impurities, or everyday makeup and it precedes the use of face cleanser when needed.

Toner comes after the cleansing step of your beauty routine: its purpose is to leave the skin cleansed and radiant.

You can either apply it by tapping it on your face with your fingertips or by using a cotton pad. 
If you have previously done a good cleansing, the cotton pad will not have any makeup residue on it, and you can proceed with your skin routine.

Micellar water vs cleanser: which is the difference?

Cleansing products are a great way to follow micellar water in your beauty routine since they will help remove any residue that still lay on the skin and will deterge it.

Face cleansers also have a more specific formula and ingredients to be chosen according to your skin type. 

Another difference is that while micellar water is portable, cleansers need running water to help wash the face and to then remove it from the skin.

Micellar water and cleansers work well together, especially before going to bed, when you want to double cleanse, or deep cleanse your skin from external agents.

A general guide for your bedtime facial routine would follow these steps: 

●    Micellar water
●    Face cleanser
●    Toner
●    Serum
●    Moisturizer

We can’t say enough good things about micellar water and the benefits that it brings to our lives! It surely is a must-have in your daily and evening facial routine. Your skin will thank you for it.